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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Silicon Sheet Cutting (1)

Date: 2018-11-08

1. What is the silicon sheet?

Silicon steel sheets which used by electricians are commonly known as silicon steel sheets. It is a kind of ferrosilicon soft magnetic alloy which includes extremely low carbon. It generally contains 0.5-4.5% silicon and is rolled by heat and cold. Generally, the thickness is less than 1 mm, so it is called a thin plate. The addition of silicon increases the iron's electrical resistivity and maximum magnetic permeability, reducing connectivity, core loss (iron loss) and magnetic aging.


The silicon sheet is mainly used to make iron cores for various transformers, motors and generators.

This kind of silicon steel sheet has excellent electromagnetic properties, it is the indispensable and important magnetic materials in the power, telecommunications and instrumentation industries.

2. Characteristics of silicon sheet

A. Low iron loss is the most important indicator of quality.  All countries in the world classifies the iron loss as the grade, the lower the iron loss, the higher the grade, and the better the quality.

B. High magnetic induction. Under the same magnetic field, the silicon sheet obtains higher magnetic susceptibility. The volume and weight of motor and transformer iron core which are manufactured by silicon sheet are relatively small and light, so it can save copper, insulating materials.

C.Higher stacking. With smooth surface, flat and uniform thickness, the silicon steel sheet can stack up very high.

D.The surface has good adhesion to the insulating film and easy for welding.

3. Silicon steel sheet manufacturing process requirement

Material thickness: ≤1.0mm; conventional 0.35mm 0.5mm 0.65mm;

➢ Material: ferrosilicon alloy

➢ Graphic requirements: closed or not closed;

➢ Accuracy requirements: Grade 8 to 10 accuracy;

➢ Glitch height requirement: ≤0.03mm;

4. Silicon steel sheet manufacturing process

➢ Shearing: Shearing is a method of using shearing machine or scissors. The workpiece shape is generally very simple.

➢ Punching: Punching refers to the use of molds for punching, cutting holes etc. The process is similar to shearing, except that the upper and lower cutting edges are replaced by convex and concave molds. And it can design molds to punch all kinds of silicon steel sheet.

➢ Cutting: Using the laser cutting machine to cut all kinds of workpiece. And it is gradually becoming a common cutting method of processing silicon steel sheet.

➢Crimping: Since the iron chip burr directly affects the transformer performance, so if the burr height is higher than 0.03mm, it required to be crushed before painting.

➢ Painting: The iron chip surface will be painted with solid, heat-resistant and rust-proof thin paint film.

➢ Drying: The paint of the silicon steel sheet should be dried at a certain temperature and then curing into hard, strong, high dielectric strength  and smooth surface film.

5. Process comparison - laser cutting


Laser cutting: The material is placed on the machine table, and it will cutting according to the preset program or graphic. Laser cutting is a thermal process.

Laser process advantages:

➢ High processing flexibility, you can arrange processing tasks at any time;

➢ High processing precision, the ordinary machine processing precision is 0.01mm, and the precision laser cutting machine is 0.02mm;


➢ Less manual intervention , you only need to set the procedures and process parameters, then start processing with one button;

➢ The processing noise pollution is negligible;

➢ The finished products are without burrs;

➢ The processing workpiece can be simple, complex and it has unlimited processing space;

➢ The laser cutting machine is maintenance free;

➢ Low using cost;

➢ Saving materials, you can use the edge-sharing function through the nesting software to achieve workpiece optimal arrangement, and increase the material utilization.

6. Laser cutting solutions


1500W GF-1530 Sheet Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Sheet Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine GF-1530JH

Linear Motor Fiber Laser Cutting Machine GF-6060 for Precision Cutting

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