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GRF-1325 Metal & Non-metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

GRF-1325 metal and non-metal laser cutting machine adopts with Germany rofin CO2, RF Laser generator and anti-reflecting device, with steel girder structure with stable and larger-scale working table. Gear and rack transmission with double driver synchronous,high load capability, high speed and accuracy. It is mainly applied in Print and packing\advertising\ metal plate\ furniture\Art craftworks.

GRF-1325 Metal & Non-metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Our products have a unique advantage in some functions

  • 1Product features

    Sealed CO2 RF laser tube from Germany with good quality laser beam, stable power and long service life and low cost. It is maintenance-free and efficient.

  • 2Product features

    The knife strip working table reduce the contacting area between the working table and work piece, which ensures high quality cutting.

  • 3Product features

    Following exhaust system has good performance and saves energy. The smart nesting function enhances the material utilization rate.

  • 4Product features

    Wide application fields, suitable for metal and non-metal cutting. Adopt Weihong motion control system, to ensure the high speed moving and high accuracy.

Technical Parameters
Laser type Rofin RF CO2 Laser Generator
Cooling method No condensation water cooling
Nominal power ≤400W/≤600W
Power range 10-480W
Cutting speed 9000mm/min
Cutting precision ±0.20mm
Repeated positioning precision ±0.05mm
Z axis route 0-100mm
Processing area(X,Y) 1500mm*3000mm
Dimensions 4050mm*2050mm*1600mm
Cutting Samples

GRF-1325 Metal & Non-metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

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