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How to Choose Your First Laser Cutter?

Date: 2018-06-29

In recent years, with the wide application of fiber laser cutting machine in metal processing, steel furniture manufacturing, medical device, fitness equipment, oil exploration, display shelf, agriculture machinery, bridge supporting, steel rail rack, steel structure, fire control and other industries, how to choose a suitable laser cutting machine to meet your business is very important. Since there are too many laser cutting machine suppliers, we can select the suitable model from the following aspect:


1.What kind of material do you want to process and your business range

You need to have a clear consideration of your business range, the thickness of materials, which kind of material you want to cut first, and then decide the laser power and working area. Currently, the power of laser cutting machines on the market ranges from 500W to 8000W, and the standard working area is 1500*3000mm, the laser cutting machine supplier also can customize machine working area as your request.

2.The initial selection of laser machine manufacturer

After determining the requirements, we can go to the market to learn about it or go to factory who had purchased the laser machine before, thus you will have a brief knowledge about the machine performance and parameters. You can choose several companies to conduct preliminary communication and sample testing, later you can visit the factory and have more detailed discussion about the machine price, machine training, payment methods and laser cutting machine after sale service.

3.The selection of laser source power

When choosing the laser cutting machine performance, the consideration of laser source power is the key. If your normal cutting thickness is below 6mm steel metal, then it is OK to choose laser source power 700w, if you want improve the cutting speed and efficiency, then you can choose laser source power 1500w.

4.Core parts of fiber laser cutting machine

We need to pay great attention to the core parts of fiber laser cutting machine when we choosing it, especially the important parts of laser source, laser cutting head, rack and pinion, guider rail etc., we must figure out whether it is domestic or imported, different configuration will affect the machine machine cutting speed and efficiency greatly.

5.The machine quality and stability are also very important indicators

Now the product development circle is shorter, the replacement and upgrading speed is faster and faster, and the product diversity, sample prototype and mass production are becoming popular, so how to complete the machine with good quality and in quantity, maintain brand reputation, enhance company competitiveness are the huge task faced with entrepreneur. Therefore, it is the prerequisite and foundation to choose stable performance laser cutting machine, and the brand with high market share, complete after-sale service.

6.After sale service

Each company has different after sale service standards, and the warranty periods are also different. So you should choose the supplier who has effective daily maintenance scheme, the professional training about machine and the nesting software, and the timely door-to-door service. No matter how good the laser machine is, the user will encounter various kinds of problems in using; when the user can not solve the problems by themselves, whether the supplier can provide timely solution is becoming an important factor in purchasing a laser cutting machine.

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