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Fiber Laser Source Anti-condensation in Summer

Date: 2018-07-04

As air temperature and humidity rise in the summer, please pay attention to the dew point temperature of Nlight or IPG laser source. If the laser source has condensation, it will cause machine failure and may also lead to permanent damage to the laser source.

The judgment methods of machine failure due to condensation:

Method 1:For medium power lasers (maximum output power below 1500W, the same below), the second indicator (STATUS) on the front panel is displayed in yellow (blinking) or red (long); for high power lasers (maximum output power above 2000W, the same below), the first indicator (ERROR) on the front panel is on for a long time (yellow or red); it means that the laser source is stopped due to failure.


Medium power front panel                                                          High power front panel

Method 2:Pls turn on the laser source monitoring software (altaGUI), if the third and fourth indicators on the viewer interface display yellow and the status bar on the lower left shows the “Dew point too low” alarm, it is indicating that the fiber laser cutting machine is stopped due to laser source dew point temperature is too high.


Laser source monitoring software

The solution of machine failure due to condensation:

Pls connect the laser source CDA PURGE with clean and oil-free compressed air (CDA) by Ø6mm air tube.

Note: the compressed air can not be replaced by nitrogen (if use nitrogen, it will cause permanent damage to the laser source ) !

Pls refer to the following two methods of CDA connection:

Option 1:

Option 2:Compared with Option 1, Option 2 adds the cold-drying machine, so it can protect the Parker filter better and prolong the service life of the laser source. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you adopt Option 2. The laser CDA PURGE is shown below:


Medium power CAD PURGE                                                 High power CAD PURGE

The CDA pressure range is set as follows: The gas inlet (Ø10mm) pressure should be 0.42Mpa~1.0Mpa, the gas outlet (Ø6mm) pressure should be less than 0.07Mpa, and the gas flow rate is 6L/Min.

After connecting the CDA, observe the difference between the water temperature (Water Inlet) and the dew point temperature (Dew Point) shown in the figure below in the monitoring software. When the difference is less than 5℃ the error can be cleared by the "Reset button" (or restart the laser source) in monitoring software, then the laser can work normally. For example, if the current water temperature in the monitoring software is 21.5℃, when the dew point temperature drops below 16.5℃, the error can be cleared and the laser can resume normal operation.


Water and dew point temperature

The innovative use of CDA technology by Golden laser can not only prevent condensation failure in the summer, but also protect the laser components from damage. It can also form a clean environment in the laser source to maintain a positive pressure continuously, effectively preventing dust and dehumidification, and extending the laser source service life greatly.

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