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Technical Seminar Between Golden Vtop Laser and American Nlight

Date: 2018-08-01

July 7th to 8th 2018, Golden Vtop Laser cooperated with American Nlight laser source and held a fiber laser technology exchange and seminar in our Suzhou Showroom.


Golden Vtop Laser and Nlight techinical seminar 

Seminar site


Golden Vtop Laser is the strategic partner of Nlight laser source in China, and Nlight always provide Golden Vtop Laser cutting machine the technical support and after sale service in a long term. In order to provide customers with stable and efficient laser cutting solutions, Golden Vtop Laser and American has joined in hand to held this technical seminar.

Nowadays, as the continuous intelligence of machinery, the development and production of industrial metal processing requires more intelligent equipment to provide support. Golden Vtop Laser aims to solve the pain points of the metal processing industries, reduces the processing steps, makes the machine more easy to operate, reduces the manual intervention, and truly achieves intelligent production.

Thanks to the technical support and services provided by Nlight, the cutting effect of the equipment is better (fast speed, smooth section) then before, and it is suit for more kinds of materials (it can cut high-reflective materials such as aluminum and copper like ordinary steel).


The advantages of Nlight laser source

Thanks to our customers for taking time out of their busy schedule. In this seminar, we had signed 15 orders, and five customers have paid the deposit for machine production. Here again, we would like to thanks the great support that Nlight gave us and our customer's trust.

Fully automatic pipe laser cutting machine


Automatic bundle loader, the machine is able to cut round, square, oval, triangle, u-bar, angle steel and other pipe with high cutting accuracy, and the parts can be plugged in for welding directly.

Fiber laser cutting machine with pallet exchange table


The machine is used for cutting carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, copper and other metal plates. It is with large cutting area, good cutting effect and fast cutting speed.

On the basis of providing stable and user friendly products, Golden Vtop Laser continuously optimizes and improves machine performance, and provides users with complete development and production solutions, effectively solves customer problems, improves the performance of their products, and works together for a win-win situation.

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