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Deputy Mayors Visiting Golden Laser's Exhibition Booth

Date: 2011-09-06

Wuhan Famous Native Products Fair was held in Kunming International Conference and Exhibition Center during Aug 13th to 15th. The fair was undertaken by Wuhan Economic and Information Technology Commission and Wuhan Commercial Bureau. Golden Laser as the representative enterprise of laser industry was invited to participate in the fair.

Kunming trade fair as an important point in Wuhan Famous Native Products “national travel” aroused great concerns from political and business circles and Kunming citizens. Mr. Yue Yong, member of the standing committee of Wuhan, deputy mayor of Wuhan, Mr. Zhou Xiaoqi, Kunming deputy mayor and other leaders attended the opening ceremony, and visited Golden Laser’s booth personally.

The two deputy mayors with great interest watched Golden Laser’s demos of ZJ(3D)-9045TB high speed leather engraving machine and JGSH-12560SG laser engraving and cutting machine. They spoke highly of Golden Laser’s processed samples. Deputy mayor Yue gave long-term concerns to Golden Laser and knew the company well, he introduced Golden Laser’s products application and development to deputy mayor Zhou. Mr. Zhou said these two machines would play an enlightening role in the craft form of traveling products in Yunnan.

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