Industry Outlook Analysis

The cutting of metal doors, windows, stairs, fences is a popular application in the laser industry. At present, overseas markets in the Middle East, such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Dubai, Qatar and China, are required to cut metal doors and windows and guardrails.

Customers will thought that the metal doors and windows are elegant and noble, so they will choose some complex, beautiful graphics cutting, the main material is 6MM carbon steel plate. Generally a whole plate cutting, our standard model GF-1530/GF-1530JH can fully meet customer requirements, the general use of power is 1KW or 2KW and 3KW.

At present we sold lots of fiber laser cutting machine to Saudi Arabia to cutting metal doors and windows, there also have other Middle East countries are also in demand, in order to enhance efficiency, customers will also take into account the high power equipment, and general processing large amount of customers, one machine can not meet the needs of customers.


Industry Core pain point

Cutting effieiency

Hole percising, guarantee the cutting precision

Pattern Design


Advantages of GOLDEN LASER cutting machine

1G acceleration speed, high cutting speed

Auto focusing cutting head solved the percing problem

Nesting software greatly improved the cutting efficiency

High speed percising, cutting reduce the HAZ

Collecting the design file for customer to make design database

Good training for operator and set up technical database




Model Name:GF-1530JH/GF-2040JH

Cutting area:1500mm*3000mm/2000mm*4000mm

Laser source:imported fiber laser source

Laser power:700W/1000W/1200W/1500W/2000W/3000W/4000W

Positiong accuracy:±0.03mm/m

Repeated positiong accuracy:±0.02mm

Max positing speed:100m/min

Accelerated speed:1.2g

Power supply:AC380V 50/60HZ