Successfully applied in furniture, automobiles, steel industries and fitness equipment.

Developing history
The first YAG pipe laser cutting machine launched in December 2010
Entered into fitness equipment industry in 2014
The overall upgrading was in 2016:
- Automatic feeding
-System Upgrade
- Improvement of the chuck
- Welding seam recognition

Successfully applied in global industry comprehensively in 2017

Description of P2060A Pipe Laser Cutter

Customers' Choice 


Applied industry 


1. Precision cutting of carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, spring steel, steel plate, aluminum plate, gold, silver and other metal pipe cutting.

2. Used in various metal cutting fields such as sheet metal,  hardware parts, and metal handicrafts etc.


Free sample testing 

Fast installation and training

sample-testing  pipe-clambing

Mass pipe automatically loading and cutting 

pipe-chuck dust-extraction

The chuck loading weight is 200KG, removing slag and dust extraction

round-pipe-cutting pipe-engraving'

The machine can cut square, long curved holes and engraving

rectangle-pipe-cutting u-steel-cutting
It also can cut long rectangular flat and U-steel pipes

pipe-marking p2060-pipe-cutter
It can be equipped with a marking system for pipe marking 



Pipe laser cutting  VS Traditional cutting 


The pipe laser cutting machine P2060A can replace sawing, toothless saws, punch presses and some lathes  processes during the entire production. Saving equipment, labor and space costs.


The P2060A pipe laser cutter has been developed through extensive industry application and numerous installation experiences. Whether it is loading or cutting pipe, the accurate measurement value of each pipe is used to automatically calculate the material utilization rate and save material.

Semi-auto pipe laser cutter P2060/P3080


Auto pipe laser cutter P2060A/3080A


Heavy steel pipe laser cutter P30120

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