Two-dimensional code in our life appears frequently, many people do not know what purpose of that such a square black stuff. In fact, the two-dimensional code is a kind of information, it is also known as a two-dimensional bar code. It can store some information that can be identified by computer through different patterns characters. The most simple and common is barcode.

Two-dimensional code can store large amounts of information, so it can be used as a new kind of promotional tools and marketing tools. Now it has been more and more used in business by manufacturers. In fact, two-dimensional code printing is also very easy. With ordinary laser marking machine, it can easily batch printed. Two-dimensional code laser marking machine advantages:

1) Non-contact processing: marking without touching the surface, so there is no damage to products.

2) Wide application: marking metals, plastics, ceramics and other materials, vary versatile.

3) Can be integrated to production line, improving the degree of automation.

4) Marking clear, permanent, beautiful, and effective anti-counterfeiting.

5) Long life, no pollution; does not produce any emissions or effluents.

6) Low operating cost, according to different sizes, wattages are different, are generally low. High marking speed, low energy consumption, significant cost savings.

7) High processing efficiency: laser beam moving at high speed (speed up to 5 - 7 m/s) under computer control. Marking process can be completed in seconds.

8) Development speed: As combination of laser technology and computer technology, allowing the user to program on computer to achieve laser marking output, and can change marking design at any time. Laser marking machine a fundamental alternative to the traditional mold making process, as well as a convenient tool to shorten product upgrades replacement cycle and flexible production.

9) High precision: fine laser beam acts on product surface; line width can reach 0.05mm. It creates a broad application space for precision machining and adding security features. Laser marking can meet the need of marking on small plastic parts with large amounts of data. For example, you can print more precise and higher-resolution two-dimensional bar codes. Compared with stamping or Jet marking, laser marking has stronger market competitiveness. For two-dimensional code, precise is very important. To ensure the integrity of two-dimensional code marking can be more effective.

10) Low maintenance costs: non-contact laser marking. Unlike stencil marking process that has limited life, laser marking in batch processing of the maintenance cost is very low.

11) Eco-friendly: non-contact laser marking, save energy. Relative to the etching method, laser marking can avoid chemical contamination; relative to mechanical marking, laser marking can reduce noise pollution.