Recently, Jiang’an District government gave commendations to the outstanding export enterprises in this district, aiming at expanding district economic openness and encouraging enterprise to participation international competition, pioneering international market in multi-channel and expanding export scale. Golden Laser was awarded as the “2011 advanced export enterprise”.

As an internationalized laser enterprise, Golden Laser has begun walking up to the world since its foundation. During these 6 years, we have been developing ourselves step by step and our products have spread across German, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Egypt, Brazil, UAE, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, etc. In these countries, we have face-to-face business communication with the customers as exhibiter to know their demands. Especially in the LASER WORLD OFPHOTONICS Golden Laser displayed the leading technological strength and deeply attracted the customers from all over the world.

In this way, we know the industry features of laser application and customers’ demands. Also, we have developed various kinds of high targeted and tailored products basing on the industry features and requirements, which has offered suitable solutions for customers and won the reputation and market.

With constant effort and wide support from our customers, Golden Laser products have been widely promoted in more than 100countries and districts. Today, Golden Laser has become the main force in global manufacturing of medium & small power laser equipment.