Fiber Laser Cutting Metal Solution

Fiber Laser Cutting Metal Advantages

(A)  The Fiber Laser Cutting Machine series are metal precise processing equipment powered by fiber laser technology. The quality fiber laser beam results in faster cutting speeds and higher quality cuts compared to other cutting solutions. The key advantage of a fiber laser is its short beam wavelength (1,064nm). The wavelength, which is ten times lower than that of a conventional C02 laser, generates high absorption into metals. This makes the fiber laser become a perfect tool for cutting sheets of stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, brass, etc.

(B)  The efficiency of a fiber laser far exceeds YAG or CO2 laser cutting. The fiber laser beam is capable of cutting reflective metals with much less energy as the laser is absorbed into the metal being cut. The unit will consume little to no energy when not active.

(C)  Another advantage of fiber laser is the use of highly reliable single emitter diodes with projected lifetimes greater than 100,000 hours of continuous or pulsed operation.

1) Top Quality Components

GoldenVtop Laser fiber laser cutting machine components includes the big brand names IPG, Coherent, Rexroth,Yaskawa,PMAC,Laser Mech,Precite,IV,Festo etc.


2) Rigid Machine Tool and Mass Loading Working

Our machine toll made compliance with the machine tool base standard.Before assembling each machine too,they are to be aged aiming at durableness and no deformation.Our working table can stand 500KG mass loading capacity,and its function of fine adjustment for flatness can meet clients contract job.Optionally it is able to have pneumatic clamp and loading &unloading device for convenience.


3) Integrated Circuit (professional circuit board)

Golden•Vtop Laser fiber laser cutting machine’s electric appliance cabinet applies integrated circuit-simplifying component,lowing the trouble,improving the trouble shooting efficiency and making maintenance easy.


4) Traveling Speed Increases Utmost.

Newly developed linear motor series fiber laser cutting machine’s traveling speed can be 200m/min.Newly upgrade rack&pinion series fiber laser cutting machine\s traveling speed up to 100m/min.Newly optimized ball screw series fiber laser cutting machine’s traveling speed up to 72m/min.

5) Assistant Loading System and Wireless Remote Control Handle

According to the loading and unloading problem occur in customer’s factory,we have special design customized loading and unloading system to meet different customer’s materials,requirements,space,floor…to improve the efficiency and save manpower.No limited distance operation,convenient using,human friendly.

6) Lubrication System

The oil pump will lubricate the whole movement system,X Y axis ball screw,linear guide 17 pivots directly,to ensure smooth movement of mechanical components,extending its life,save the time by point lubrication.

7) Different Laser Cutting Heads and Optimized Nozzle

We have developed different size nozzle according to different thickness materials. (Nozzle diameter 1.6mm-2.2mm optional)

Golden Laser Cutting Head                               Laser Mech Cutting Head                              Precitec Laser Cutting Head

8) Three Gas Source and Dual-pressure gas route

During laser cutting process,the assistant gas has the function to prevent lens contamination,combustion cut/prevent cut surface oxidation,blowing slag and etc….According to different cutting process should use different sources and different gas pressures,we have design the three gas source (air,nitrogen,oxygen) dual-pressure(low-piercing,high-pressure cutting) gas processing effective solution to the customer frequent replacement of the gas problem,all of the gas changing will automatically realized by the software,saving time and effort.

9) Fully Closed Loop Controlling System

Vtop Laser develops and appliles the fully closed loop controlling system.The big advantage of this system is highest precision,biggest loading capacity,so it is able to realize the top speed and top accuracy cutting.Moreover,it has the function of anti-interruption,so it is travelling response has been enhanced. The application of dual driving system improves the transmission system’s rigidity.