YAG Laser Cutting Solution for Metal

Metal processing is and indispensable technique in modern manufacturing.Conventional metal processing can hardly meet the customer’s increasingly diversified and high-level processing requirements.It is more likely for you to grasp the growth opportunity in the future competition with more comprehensive and individualized solutions.

Golden Laser provides metal processing solutions of nesting,cutting (even and uneven surface cutting,rotary cutting and auto recognition cutting),marking and other processes. The solutions provide the clients with unmatched and unique metal working effects.The solutions have been successfully applied to many areas including sheet metal processing,advertising,electronic products & appliances,equipment panels and so on and played a pivotal role of enhancing quality and added value of the products.

YAG Laser Cutting VS CO2 Laser Cutting

(1) High cost performance: 1/3 compared with similar performance CO2 laser cutting, 2/5 compared with similar performance CNC punch.

(2) Low use-cost: 1/8-1/10 compared with similar performance CO2 laser cutting. YAG laser cutting use-cost is only USD 3 per hour, while USD 25-USD 30 per hour for similar CO2 laser cutting.

(3) Low cost of maintenance: 1/10-1/15 compared with similar performance CO2 laser cutting machine, 1/3-1/4 compared with similar performance CNC punch.

(4) Quick ROI:  the gross profit margin is about 90%. Supposing the revenue from reprocessing is USD 500-USD 650 daily, and then you can recoup total investment in half a year.

YAG Laser Cutting Machine Collocation Advantages

(1) Machine Frame Advantages: The manufacturing of Golden Laser large format metal laser cutting machines are in the accordance of the machine toll manufacturing technique,so the structure of our laser machines as stable and strong as machine tools. Before the assembling of the machine steel structure,we put them in the condition of natural environment for the aging purpose.Hence the machine structure will surely durable and anti-deformation in the operation days.

(2) Precision Motion Control Systems: To ensure accurate processing of metal materials,we use precision ball screw transmitting for higher accuracy cutting and more stable performance.Also ,the machine adopts Japanese YASKWA servo motor to keep the precision.

(3) Process Advantages: We particularly develop the cutting head and cutting nozzle corresponding with a variety of cut thickness. (Cutting nozzle diameter 1.6mm ~ 2.2mm optional) .So the cutting nozzle can be chosen under the different thickness of plates to guarantee the best cutting result.

(4) Intelligent Water Chiller: The intelligent water chiller which is researched and developed independently by Golden Laser can get the real-time information about water pressure and water quality by being equipped with deionization system and warning system to ensure timely maintenance and improvement of the laser generator lifespan.

(5) Dynamic Focus/ Precision Cutting: It adopts the sensitive capacitance dynamic focus system.The machine can choose the optional focus automatically according to the material thickness and abnormity plates shape to ensure the best focusing and cutting result so as to avoid troubles and inefficiency of the manual focus.Furthermore,Golden laser metal cutting machines can be collocated with integrated or detached rotary device so as to performance punching,notching,cutting and other complex processing on metal pipes that ensures diversity and integration of processing.

(6) Offline Control:  The conventional large format laser cutting machine for metal must be operated with on-line computer,but Golden laser metal cutting machine is equipped with off-line control system.Collocated with 5 inch CNC system to set the parameters (LCD display) only,it c an realize products laser processing so that no computer is required and save the space.Also it can achieve on-line or off-line operation by transmitting the graph to CNC system through network cable or memory sticker.It is the unique advantage that the general laser machines can not process.

(7) Automatic Lubrication System: X/Y-axis carriage ball screw,guide rail,it can extend the mechanical parts lifespan and ensure the steady motion which would simply lubrication process by manual work.

(8) Pneumatic Table: The metal plate loading can be controlled by universal wheels combining the rolling axis,then immobilize the plate with pneumatic clamps around to ensure the precision cutting.

(9) Full Sealed Interior Circulation Air Condition for Cooling: Since YAG laser need lots of power when it processing,so we considering hot countries such as Dubai,Saudi,Kuwait,Malaysia,Thailand…we have added a full closed interior circulation air condition to cooling the power supply.The constant temperature system can ensure machine long-time working to gain high returns.