YAG Laser Cutting Solution

Golden Laser Provides metal processing solutions of nesting, cutting (even and uneven surface cutting, rotary cutting and auto recognition cutting), marking and other processes. The solutions provide clients with distinguished and unique metal processing effects. The metal laser cutting solutions have been successfully applied to many areas including sheet metal cutting, advertising, electronic products & appliances, equipment panels, etc. and played a pivotal role of enhancing quality and added value of the products.

Software advantage

★Auto nesting: offering auto-nesting software for metal plates. It improves the nesting speed and the utilization rate of material greatly.

★Lead line auto-setting: During metal processing, the optimal cutting result can be achieved after outputting laser beam for a while. In order to cut all the images within one time without laser beam interval, we provide Lead-in/Lead-out Line, Bridge Cutting and Micro-connection function. It won’t influence cutting efficiency and can ensure good result.


Common Line Cutting: For graphics with jointed edges, it only needs processing once, improving working efficiency and saving material.


★Optimal Track Intelligent Adjustment: Automatically calculating the optimal movement track according to cutting graphics, ensures the shortest path and the least time to improve the overall processing efficiency. And the movement track also can be adjusted manually to meet various processing requirement.

★Cutting Compensation: For metal parts cutting with high accuracy demand, Golden Laser adopts the technique of cutting compensation to effectively correct the slight errors caused by the cut or other factors. That ensures the size of processing products to match the designed one.


Auto-recognition: Depending on your requirement, the software can realize auto edge-detection for various images on the sheet metal.

★ Unloading Management: Providing decomposition of the graphics function. Supporting DXF2000, DXF2004, PLT file format and close graph input and Golden Laser’s patent GLD file format for the output function. If the PLT or DXF files contains multiply design, the software is able to automatically nesting graphics is decomposed into separate graphics.
Providing processing track for customers and display this track and output GLD format. It can perform laser processing according to the generated track, also can provide NC code in welding machines.
Proving the specific processing card. It has detailed information about nesting, utilization, sample number and processing time.

Hardware Advantage

Configuration Advantage

★Machine Frame Advantage: The manufacturing of Golden Laser large format metal laser cutting machines are in accordance of the machine tools manufacturing technique. The structures of our laser machines are stable and strong as machine tools. Before assembling of the machine steel structure, we put them in the condition of natural environment for the aging purpose, ensuring the machine structure durable and anti-deformation.
Golden Laser is the only one supplier who manufactures laser cutting machines with the accordance of such manufacturing technique.

Golden Laser large format metal laser cutting machines have CE certificate and qualified for the world advanced standard.

★Precision Motion Control System: To ensure accurate processing for metal materials, we use precision ball screw transmitting for higher accuracy cutting and more stable performance. Also, the machine adopts Japanese YASKAWA servo motor to keep the precision.

★Process Advantages: We particularly develop the cutting head and cutting nozzle corresponding with a variety of cutting thickness (Cutting nozzle diameter 1.6mm~2.2mm optional). So the cutting nozzle can be chosen under the different thickness of metal plates to guarantee the best cutting result.

★Intelligent Water Chiller: The intelligent water chiller, researched and developed independently by Golden Laser, can get the real-time information about water pressure and water quality by been equipped with deionization system and warning system to ensure timely maintenance and improvement of the laser generator lifespan.

★Dynamic Focus and Precision Cutting: It adopts the sensitive capacitance dynamic focus system. The machine can choose the optimal focus automatically according to the material thickness and abnormity plates shape to ensure the best focusing and cutting result so as to avoid troubles and inefficiency of manual focus. Furthermore, Golden Laser metal cutting machines can be collocated with integrated or detached rotary device so as to perform punching, notching, cutting and other complex processing for metal pipes that ensures diversity and integration of processing.

Conveyor rewinding device system: The rewind device can convey the finished products to make cutting and rewinding in one step so as to improve the process of the entire production.

Off-line Control: The conventional large format metal laser cutting machines must be operated with on-line computer. Golden Laser metal cutting machine equipped with off-line control system. Collocation with 5-inch CNC system to set the parameters (LCD display) to realize laser processing. No computer required and saving the space. Also it can achieve on-line or off-line operation by transmitting the graphics to CNC system through network cable or USB.