Spring is coming! This is a time of rebirth and renewal. With the hope of all staff, Golden Laser is growing up quickly and vigorously

According to the statistics from Sales Management Department, having experienced rapid growth in 2009, the achievement of Golden Laser’s production lines in March sets new high with the total order amount breaking through 20 million, which renews the monthly sales record.

Data shows that, compared with the same period of last year, the sales achievements in traditional fields, such as textile garment, leather shoes, advertising, printing, packaging, metal processing, decoration, etc, has increased 50%. Especially in leather shoes field, because of the outstanding advantages, well target, and high reputation of our products like ZJ(3D)-9045TB laser engraving machine,  the growth rate is more than 200%.

In addition, Golden Laser has also obtained high market share and sales achievement in new laser application fields, such as in glass, toy, automobile interior decoration, carpet, slippers, plastic, rubber and industrial flexible materials, etc.

We can say this is a very pleasant result. On one hand, we must thank our clients, without their recognition and praise, we wouldn’t have got that good result.. On the other hand, Golden Laser’s innovative spirit is indispensable. Golden Laser has been making thorough market study, perceiving clients’ demands, combining strong research and development capabilities and transmitting demands to products, which in turns brings the improvements of quality, efficiency and added value, that’s why the products are in hot pursuit .

Looking forward to the future, Golden Laser intends to further improve products quality and service, striving for building Golden Laser into the most important provider of medium &small power laser solutions.