Laser Welding Solution for Metal

Laser welding has the superiority of small welding spot diameter, narrow weld seam and excellent welding effect. After welding, there is no need further treatment or merely simple further treatment. Furthermore, laser welding is applicable to a large scale of materials and can weld various different materials. There advantages enable laser welding be widely used in varieties of precision welding processes.

(1) Laser welding application

Laser welding machine can weld stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, spring steel, copper, brass, galvanized sheet, rare metals, metal sheets and pipes for batteries, solar panel, denture parts, PCB panel, eyeglasses frames, jewelry, mold repairing, motor, automotive parts, hardware, aerospace, phone shell, electric heat pipe, small flange, super capacitors, household appliances, cooker, cooking utensils, kitchenware, medical equipment, electronics etc.

(2) Comparison Between Laser Welding and Conventional Welding Technology

      a) Laser welding has the advantage of ensuring the strength of the case of good appearance without grinding and other processing without feeding welding materials, suitable for massive production.

      b) Welding and electron beam welding, strong ability to penetrate the advantages of electron beam welding, weld depth to width ratio, cannot open groove single large thickness than welding, arc welding can save auxiliary materials and energy. Disadvantages for processing environment is the vacuum state, vulnerable to interference of stray electromagnetic field, affecting the quality of welding, X ray generated when welding such as not good is difficult to guarantee the life safety and health of operators.

      c) Tungsten inert gas welding has the advantages of large range of welding material, welding material under the condition of low current tungsten argon arc welding, suitable for welding thin plate and thin plate material. Is the production efficiency is slow, because particles may enter the bath the effect is not good, long-term processing may cause personnel harm.

      d) G Gas metal arc welding, gas shielded arc welding is a kind of open arc welding. Welding of low cost, high productivity, good welding quality, good operation performance, is when the large current welding spatter, welding is not easily oxidized metal arc welding appearance, strong radiation, can not guarantee.

      e) Resistance welding has the advantages of simple operation, easy to realize mechanization and automation, does not need welding wire, welding, filler metal, and the oxygen, acetylene, hydrogen, welding materials, welding at low cost, disadvantage at present is the lack of reliable NDT methods, the welding quality can only rely on destructive testing technology of sample and the work piece to check, tensile strength and fatigue strength of welded are relatively low.

(3) Brand Advantage

Golden Laser Welding Machine adopts the world of high-end brand.After years of development,application and practice,Golden laser has established the leading brand in the industry,both in terms of quality,safety,utility and durability.Golden laser welding machine has reached the first-class level in the world.

(4) Flexible and Various Applications

Laser welding machine develped by our company can be equipped with collimated focused welding head for high strength and high pressure resistance air tightness precision welding of depth of fusion of 1mm -3mm and the galvanometer laser welding head for fast welding.Users can adopt conventional XY-axis electrical slide working table and also increasingly popular robot welding device to realize complex special path welding.


(5) Laser Welding Samples