Fiber Laser Cutting Solution

Better performance, more durable construction

Higher efficiency

More optimized technique

Higher precision

(A) Top quality components

Golden Laser fiber laser cutting machines components adopt the top brand products of IPG, Coherent, Rexroth, Yaskawa, PMAC, Laser Mech, Precitec, IV, Festo, etc.

(B) Integrated circuit (professional circuit board)

Golden Laser fiber laser cutting machine’s electric cabinet applies integrated circuit- simplifying components, reducing fault, improving the trouble shooting efficiency and easy to maintenance.


(C) Rigid and durable machine tool & Mass loading working table

Metal laser cutting machine is designed and manufactured according to the machine tool base standard. For each machine before assembly, cutting bed has been aging treatment, the bed durable and no deformation. Working table can withstand 500Kg mass loading capacity.


(D) Increasing traveling speed utmost

Newly developed linear motor series fiber laser cutting machine’s traveling speed up to 200m/min. Newly upgraded rack & pinion series fiber laser cutting machine’s traveling speed up to 120m/min. Newly optimized ball screw series fiber laser cutting machine’s traveling speed up to 72m/min.

(E) Cutting software functions increasingly improved

In the metal cutting process, the cutting quality can achieve the best only after the laser beam has come out a while. Therefore, we provide with the leading line cutting, bridge cutting and micro connecting cutting functions which make the cutting designs cut completely in one time with efficiency and quality but laser beam continuously comes out.
Also automatic one line sharing cutting and pentagon shape one line sharing cutting functions are available. After nesting, the software can arrange for all cutting designs’ cutting routes and automatically dealing with designs which has the same sharing lines.

(F) Nesting software optimized cutting path. (Can directly read CAD)

We provided whole sheet metal auto nesting software, improve materials utilization and nesting time. And it will calculated the optimum movement track to make the shortest path, least time-consuming and improve overall processing efficiency. And it can be adjusted according to their processing track to meet various processing requirements.


(G) The machine structure, electronic circuit design and assembly accord with CE and FDA standards

(H) Assistant loading system and wireless remote control handle

According to the loading and unloading problem occurred in customer’s factory, we have specially developed auxiliary loading and unloading system for different materials, processing requirements, space to improve efficiency and save manpower. Wireless remote control handle, no limited distance operation, easy to operate, user- friendly.

(I) Lubrication system

The oil pump will lubricate the whole movement system. X, Y axis ball screw, linear guide 17 pivots directly, to ensure smooth movement of mechanical components, extending its life, save the time by point lubrication.

(J) Different laser cutting heads and Optimized nozzle

We have developed different size nozzle according to different thickness materials. (Nozzle diameter 1.6mm-2.2mm optional)

(K) Three gas source and dual-pressure gas route

During laser cutting process, auxiliary gas has the function of preventing lens pollution, combustion cutting/preventing the oxidation of the section and blowing slag, etc. For specific cutting applications should be adopted different gas sources and different pressure, Golden Laser patent designed of three gas sources (air, nitrogen, oxygen) dual pressure (low pressure perforation cutting, high pressure cutting) gas path effectively solves the customers’ trouble of frequent replacement of gas in the cutting processing. All gas changing realized by the software automatically, saving time and effort.

(L) Strong software supporting

By our professional technique engineers and software engineers’ continuous tests, our metal cutting technique has reached the leading level in laser industry. Thin metal sheet momentary cutting through, thick metal plate multistage cutting, film coated stainless steel cutting, frog jump cutting, edge-finding function and mass data transmission. We have sufficient experience in different metal materials and different thickness metals.

(M) Full closed loop controlling system

Golden Laser develops and applies the fully closed loop controlling system. The advantage of this system is high precision, strong loading capacity. It is able to realize high speed and accurate cutting. Moreover, it has the function of anti-interruption, insensitive to changes on the original features and improving the system of dynamic response characteristics. The application of dual driving system improves the transmission rigidity of system.

(N) Cutting compensation

For metal cutting with demand of high precision, cutting compensation function effectively corrected minor errors due to cut or other factors, ensuring finished products size perfectly consistent with the designed size.

(O) Top accuracy testing device

Complete testing equipments such as laser interferometer, CMM, video measuring instrument, beam quality analyzer, laser power/energy meter, ensure each machine strictly in accordance with the accuracy standards before delivery.