Golden Vtop Laser is Specialized In Producing CNC Fiber Laser Tube And Sheet Cutting Machine,and Golden Vtop Lasers bring you a cost effective, low-maintenance, low operating cost,environmentally friendly solution to your organization.

We deliver a machine that provides quality cutting and tolerances with small productivity loss between jobs, equating to higher returnon investments. Our fiber laser cutting machines are developed and sold based on these criteria.

Laser Cutting Machine Better Performance, More Rigid and Durable Construction
A.Top quality components
B. Integrated circuit (professional circuit board)
C. Rigid machine tool and mass loading working

Laser Cutting Machine High Efficiently
A. Travelling speed increases utmost
B. Cutting software functions improved
C. Nesting software optimized cutting patch (can directly read CAD)

Laser Cutting Machine More Safe and Save Labor
A. Machine structure and electric circuit design and assembly conform with CE and FDA
B. Assistant loading system and wireless remote control handle
C. Lubrication system

Laser Cutting Machine More Optimized Technique
A. Different laser cutting heads and optimized nozzle
B. Three gas source and dual-pressure gas route
C. Strong software support

Laser Cutting Machine Higher Precision
A. Fully closed loop controlling system
B. Cutting compensation
C. Top accuracy testing device