Triennial exhibition event in the advertising industry - FESPA International Advertising Technology and Equipment Exhibition was grandly held in Munich, Germany, on 22nd -25th, June. Launched from 1963, FESPA has a history of 50 years, covering signs, images, printing and other fields. It is one of the largest and most famous advertising industry events.

Golden Laser, the global famous laser manufacturer in advertising industry, was invited to participate in this exhibition. In the exhibition, Golden Laser displayed many leading products in advertising and printing industries, including high precision laser cutting machine JMSJG-13090DT (high precision cutting for advertising materials, like acrylic, wood, etc); metal laser cutting machine GJMSJG-6040DT (metal sheet cutting, such as advertising signage); high precision laser engraving and cutting machine(large format and high precision engraving and cutting for various non-metal materials); laser marking machine GDBEC-50 (metal, plastic and advertising materials marking).

These series of products not only showed Golden Laser’s advanced technical strength, but also appealed to merchants from everywhere. It is reported that during the four days’ exhibition, Golden Laser obtained orders valued at hundreds of thousands Euro.

Another source, the first exhibition of Chinese advertising industry, that is the Eighteenth Shanghai International Advertising Technology & Equipment Exhibition, will be held on 7th~10th, July. Then Golden Laser will display more new products, please wait and see.