Laser-World of Photonics, the biennial top event in laser industry, was held in New International Expo Center in Munich on 13th ~ 16th May, 2013.

It is the unique professional optoelectronic exposition in the world covering all categories of the entire photonics industry to show state-of-the-art technology and tens of thousands professional visitors from more than 40 countries arrive.

As a laser enterprise with international influence, Golden Laser shows sparkle in Munich four consecutive times. There are 14 middle and senior management team including general manager and 3 deputy general manager participate in this exhibition. 
In 35㎡ booth, Golden laser showed two innovative products adopting module assembly process: laser welding machine and “Mars” series laser cutting machine which gained praise from lots of professional visitors and even some of them ordered on the spot.
Fine application samples of 20 specific industries were exhibited at booth and the demo video of “Laser Embroidery” amazed visitors from Europe. Actually, since being launched, “Laser Embroidery” is the unique and innovative product which not only set off a protracted "laser embroidery" storm in textile towns of Zhejiang, Guangdong but also exploded into a prominence in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America and other regions. Its emerging is changing the pattern of global embroidery industry. And it is just the epitome of Golden Laser innovation.
Furthermore, with this highest international technical exchange platform, Golden Laser launched more than 10 high, skilled and advanced cooperation projects at one time and it is the highlight of this exhibition which showed the courage and confidence in the future development.
During 4 days of the exhibition, these cooperation projects attract more than 40 specialized units and personnel to negotiate, some of which reached a verbal or written cooperation, and now are under intensive discussion.
In the future, Golden Laser will strive to shift from the laser system integrated brand to laser application service brand and willing to become the first service brand of laser applications. At present, Golden Laser not only has owned applications and technology advantages in various kinds of industries, but also built an open laser application platform aiming to integrate wide range of resources and complement advantages by cooperating with partners further to make maximum profits and promote faster development of industries.
With the goal mentioned, Golden Laser has launched advanced cooperation concepts and modes and raised a scale of one billion laser Industry Investment Fund as well as owning the service network spreading across more than 100 countries and regions over the world.

With the continued advance of the pace of cooperation, we have the reason to believe Golden Laser will become the world's leading brand of laser applications and also be sure to play a great role in the development of laser industry.