The deputy mayor of Wuhan City, Mr. Xing Zaozhong struck the bell to celebrate the listing of Golden Laser together with Golden Laser president Mr. Liang Wei on 25th May, 2011. Wuhan Golden Laser Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen Stock Exchange GEM officially listed (stock code: 300220). It is really a milestone for the company.

Golden Laser is mainly engaged in the development, production, sales and service of laser machines and laser solutions for different industries. The products sell well in more than 100 countries and regions.

The metal laser tube developed by Golden Laser has filled the gaps in the relative field in domestic and broke the situation of metal laser tube mainly relying on imports. As the listing of the company, Golden Laser is stepping into a new developing level and will realize volume production of metal laser tube, improve enterprise core competence and have more say in the market.

This time, Golden Laser offered 9 million shares, total shares 35 million. On the listing date, Golden Laser gained great popularity, closed at 35.5, raising up 51.97% than the issued price.