From July 11th to 14th, 2012, the 20th Shanghai Int’l Ad & Sign Technology & Equipment Exhibition was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Golden Laser who possesses the core technology of laser processing for advertising industry has showed advanced production equipments and processing technology for diverse needs of the industry. The equipments from Golden Laser on the exhibition fully demonstrated professional, precision, high-speed and environmental-friendly feature of the equipments. The Outstanding demonstration of the equipments attracted a large number of professional customers to watch the demo and discuss with our staff on the booth, adding an active atmosphere for the entire exhibition.
Large-scale sign letters, signage boards and advertising boards processing has always been the focus of advertising industry, especially for medium–and-large size advertising production company that requires large-size processing, wide varieties of materials and high precision which traditional processing technology is difficult to meet. Golden Laser MERCURY series meets the needs of high-speed development of the advertising processing industry. The machine is equipped with a 500W CO2 RF metal laser tube with excellent beam quality, excellent power stability and long service life and the processing area reaches 1500mm × 3000mm. The machine can not only perfectly cut stainless steel, carbon steel and other sheet metal and also acrylic, wood, ABS and other non-metallic materials with high-precision.
MARS series laser cutting machine showed extraordinary features early on the last exhibition. This time, MARS series has showed more amazing superiority. MJG-13090SG laser engraving and cutting machine with automatic up & down working table is one of the most widely used type for advertising industry of MARS series. The machine adopts user-friendly automatic up & down working table that can intelligently adjust up and down, ensuring the best focus height and best processing effects and bringing gospel for enterprises with requirements of precision processing on various thickness non-metallic materials.
Golden Laser has always been committed to leading laser technology in the advertising processing field. Golden Laser third-generation LGP laser processing equipments are developed after years of technical research. It represents the world's most advanced laser dot engraving technology.  Compared with ordinary laser dot-marking equipments on the market, Golden Laser equipment adopts RF pulse engraving technique and is equipped with advanced software control system which can engrave fine concave dots of any shape on the light guide materials. The machine has super-fast dot engraving speed, which is 4-5 times faster than conventional method. Take 300mm×300mm LGP as example, the time for engraving such panel is only 30s. The LGP processed has excellent optical effect, optical uniformity, high luminance and long service life. The LGP samples attracted a lot of professional customers to come to consult with our staff on the booth.
On this exhibition, Golden Laser placed a 15 mLED screen on the booth so that our customers can take a closer look at the innovative applications of Golden Laser for advertising industry through the video. In addition, we put forward some financial plan and joint factory cooperation projects and achieved good results and repercussion.