The original Chinese name is called laser "laser", "Lasse" is its English transliteration of the name of LASER, is an acronym derived from the English Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation each word consisting of the first letter. Meaning "by stimulated emission of light expanding." Laser full name in English has been completely express the main laser manufacturing process, the principle of the laser has been found as early as in 1916 the famous American physicist Albert Einstein. According to China in 1964, the famous scientist Qian proposed that "light by stimulated emission of radiation" was renamed "laser." Laser applications is very wide, there are laser marking machine, fiber optic communications, laser spectroscopy, laser rangefinder, laser radar,metal Laser cutting machine, laser weapons, CD, laser pointer, laser vision correction, cosmetic laser, laser scanning, laser mosquito and so on. 
The Metal Laser cutting machine is a laser using a high power density laser beam scans over the surface of the material, the material is heated in a very short time first million to several thousand degrees Celsius, melting or vaporization of the material, then the high pressure gas or vaporized material molten cracks blown away from the cut, to achieve the purpose of cutting material. 
Laser marking machine (laser marking machine) with a laser beam the surface of a variety of materials marked with a permanent marker. Laser marking with a laser beam the surface of a variety of materials marked with a permanent marker. Marking effect evaporation surface material is exposed through the deep substance, chemical or physical change through energy cause the surface material and "carved out" signs, or part of the material is burned by light, showing the required etching patterns, text. 
In modern society, the role of information and more important, who has mastered the more rapidly the information, the more accurate, more abundant, more who will take the initiative, will have more chance of success. Appeared laser triggered an information revolution, from VCD, DVD disc to the laser illumination, the use of laser greatly improves the efficiency and convenient for people to save and retrieve information, "Laser Revolution" significance. Controlling the time and space controlled well laser, the material of the object, the shape, size, and have a great degree of freedom in the processing environment, especially suitable for automated processing, laser processing systems and computer numerical control technology combine to form a highly efficient automated processing equipment, timely production enterprises has become the key technology for high-quality, efficient and cost-effective processing opens up broad prospects. 2013, laser technology has been integrated into our daily lives, and in the coming years, the laser will bring us more miracles.