Tube Laser Cutting Technology

Golden •Vtop Laser tube laser cutting machine high flexibility allows it to cut almost any profile either on the end of a tube or along its length. Multiple part features, which traditionally would have required several conventional machine tools and consecutive processes, can now be carried out automatically on a single machine, in a single cycle.

Thus,tube laser cutting technology reduces the need for traditional manual processes such as sawing or drilling, representing a significant saving to our customers.

The tube laser cutting machine complements our flat bed laser cutting capacity, enabling us to save time on processing and reduce manufacturing costs and lead times.

Golden •Vtop Laser is a customized laser solution provider, and can also offer our customers automatic laser welding machine and precision laser marking machine. 

◆ Materials which can be processed include:
Mild Steel Box, Angle, Pipe, and Channel
Stainless Steel Box, Angle, Pipe, and Channel
Aluminium Box, Angle, Pipe, and Channel

◆ Cutting wide ranges of tubes:                
Round Tube & Pipe
Square Tubes                                                               
Rectangular Tubes
Oval / Elliptical Tubes

◆ Tube sizes – Diameters 20mm to 200mm x length 6000mm can be accommodated on our tube laser cutting machine.