2015 Latest Laser Machine Category in China

Nowadays manufacturing industry is majorly concentrating on precision and pace of manufacturing the component. It is the fact that different tool is required to perform different operations on the component, hence there is a time factor involved in changing the tool. This ultimately results in loss of time which incurs cost. To minimize this time laser machines have been introduced in the manufacturing industry. Here, the machine doesn’t get in contact with the component which means there is no wear and tear of tool, where the cost of renewing tool is zero.
There is a huge market for laser machines in the world as more and more manufacturers are realizing the advantages of switching to the laser technology.
Golden Laser category as follows:
◆ Metal laser cutting machine.
◆ Metal laser welding machine.
◆ Precision laser marking machine.
◆ Robotic laser welding machine.
◆ Mars series co2 laser cutting machine.
◆ Flatbed laser cutting machine.
◆ Galvanometer laser engraving machine.
◆ Laser embroidery machine.

Types of Laser Cutting Machines:
◆ Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Metal.
◆ YAG Laser Cutting Machine for metal.
◆ CO2 Laser Cutting Machine for metal.

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