Stamping presses are used for perforating sheet metal commonly, but low accuracy and glitch, so that it is gradually eliminated. With the continuous development of laser cutting machines, more and more companies began to use laser cutting the hole, not only cutting section smooth, and pore size can be changed at any time, very high processing flexibility.

However, laser cutting hole is not easy as we thought, cutting the hole irregular vertical when there is not enough happening. Therefore, the following laser cutting circular hole on the issue for everyone to analyze the reasons and considerations.

1.Too small hole   
It is the optical solution for cutting 1:1 circle hole. The larger the aperture, the better. There will be an irregular hole and too much residual phenomena breakpoints because of the insufficient laser machine.
2.The gas pressure is too large or too small    
Gas pressure is too boreholes Assembly, the pressure is too small will be cutting edge roughness, burnt serious. Select the appropriate gas pressure is one of the reasons to solve the hole cut irregular.
3. servo Motor    
Servo Motor parameters and circular motion is related parameters inappropriate x, y-axis motion mismatch will cause cutting the hole appears oval or irregular shapes.
4. The lack of precision screw or rail    
some small factory technical strength and worker level is not high, the output of the laser cutting machine accuracy of less than 0.1mm, so the hole cutting accuracy is insufficient.
Therefore, the laser is recommended to identify the quality of the laser cutting machine, laser cutting can be observed through the hole in the case, to identify the quality of the laser cutting machine to purchase whether the clearance. Cutting precision, speed and other parameters, whether standard.