On April 22th,2015 VTOP LASER launched the new generation of fiber pipe laser cutting machine XJGC 20600G. There are local and also foreign customers took part in this new products conference.

The CEO Mr chen made a peach of  the pipe laser cutting machine basic functions and new features.Then technician from R&D Mr Yu introduced the machine technical knowledge and advantages.

First ,fiber laser cutting machine using a large stroke pneumatic chuck, chuck by changing the gas path, the popular four-jaw chuck linkage to optimize larger stroke double-acting power chucks. Cutting different diameter, shape of the pipe in the travel range (bilateral stroke 60mm), no need to adjust the jaw, easy setup and centered, easy switching of different diameters. Substantial saving setup time.

Second,the pipe laser cutting machine is upgrade the adjustable support system, making the cut pipes of different diameters, by adjustable support system to quickly and accurately find concentricity pipe and claw to achieve rapid feeding, care feeding purposes, saving equipment clip time. Cutting can have auxiliary chuck support, reducing the swing of the pipe.

Third,besides the 500w fiber laser generator, adding fiber 700w 1000w and 2000w to meet more customers’ requirements.