The so-called kitchen, is kitchen utensils collectively. In general, the kitchen is part of the furniture, good kitchen can play even better results for the embellishment entire family environment, but also on the other hand, people from the objective lifestyle and habits, good kitchen also allows us to enjoy a higher level of joie de vivre. And there ya miscellaneous kitchenware, good and bad mixed, the variety of materials vary, metal kitchen is one of them, and this glowing metallic luster, with endless charm of kitchenware, between machines and fiber laser cutting What exactly anything to do?

Kitchenware include the following five categories: First, storage appliances, and second washing utensils, Third conditioning equipment, cooking utensils Fourth, Fifth, eating utensils. With the growing role of cookware, kitchen utensils processing more and more attention. In the kitchen industry, with a variety of metal materials, stainless steel, fire board material, aluminum / steel, etc., but the use of stainless steel is particularly prevalent.

For the kitchen equipment, it is usually less than 3mm thick stainless steel sheet metal panels based, sheet metal variety, product replacement fast. Thus, diversification, efficient laser cutting machine has a unique advantage in kitchen equipment processing. Laser cutting machine is equipped with CAD / CAM software, to complete any appearance of sheet metal cutting, laser cutting, not only processing speed, high efficiency, low cost, and without mold or tool change, shortening the preparation time period. Laser beam transposition time is short, easy to complete continuous processing.

GOLDEN •VTOP LASER fiber metal laser cutting machine XJG 150300 DT is the most economy model for thin sheet metal cutting for kitchenware industry.It adops double ball screw closed-loop system and imported open cnc system enable high processing accuracy and high working efficiency during high speed cutting. Up to 100,000 hours lifetime and the whole machine one year after-sales warranty.