1. Temperature between 15-30 , install air conditioning requirements.

2. The air humidity is 40% to 70%, non-condensing.

3. Power grid requirements: Three-phase five-wire system; AC380V; 50Hz

4. The power supply grid fluctuations: ± 3%, in line with international requirements grid ground. Voltage amplitude of more than 5% of the region, should be retrofitted with automatic voltage regulator, steady flow devices and phase protection

Protection devices.

5. Power Ground Resistance: ≤3 Ohm

6. airborne dust less than 0.01g / cubic meter.

7. The equipment should be installed near strong electromagnetic signals without interference. Installation to avoid having radio transmitters around the station (or repeater station).

8. Ground amplitude: less than 50um; vibration acceleration: less than 0.05g. Avoid a large stamping machine equipment nearby.

9. The device space requirements to ensure smoke-free clean, avoid metal polishing and grinding dust serious work environment.

10. In certain circumstances should be installed anti-static floor, strengthening shielding

11. Cooling water quality work, there are strict requirements, require the use of pure water, deionized water or distilled water, you can not use water quality containing high metal ion or other mineral water and mineral water.