When laser cutting through sheet metal,the auxiliary gas is conducive to heat, flame and melt blown off stains role as below:

1. The auxiliary gas influence on cutting quality greatly, when the pressure of the auxiliary gas appears insufficient when the cut surface will be very prone to melt stains, which would lead to reduced processing speed laser cutting machine, which can affect the cutting efficiency, Of course, when the pressure is too high, when the auxiliary gas, cut becomes more rough, slits will be relatively wide. When the air flow is too large, cut surface portion appears to melt, there is no way to achieve good cutting quality.

2. The impact for sheet metal cutting punching,when the auxiliary gas pressure is very small, will result in cutting the material does not readily penetrate the phenomenon, pierce time will be very long, when the auxiliary gas pressure is large, will cause major melting point , in view of some of the factors above, higher perforation of sheet auxiliary gas pressure when the perforation will be the opposite.

So the presence of the auxiliary gas is not an option, has played a significant role in laser processing. In the process of using the laser must do maintenance work, ensure the normal operation of the auxiliary gas, in order to further ensure product quality standards