Golden Vtop Pipe Laser Cutting Machine Four Core Strength

1. The special control system for processing metal tube ensures high working accuracy and efficiency during high speed cutting.
2. Standard collocation of 700W fiber laser generator and optional 1KW-3KW N-LIGHT fiber laser resonator,whcih can cut high reflective materials, Low operation cost and lost maintenance cost.
3. Open structure, easy and convenient for material loading and unloading. Equipped with collecting carts,it is more conveniente to collect material.
4. Aiming at high speed cutting, we design and manufacture strengthened welded machine body after 2 times of aging process, ensuring long-term accuracy and stability of performance.

Machine Technical Parameters
1.Laser power: 700w 1000w 2000w 3000w
2.Laser source: imported fiber laser resonator
3.Tube length: 6000mm/8000mm
4.Tube diameter: 20mm-200mm/20mm-300mm
5.Position accuracy: ±0.03mm
6.Repeat position accuracy: ±0.01mm
7.Maximum position speed: 70m/min
8.Acceleration: 1g
9.Cutting speed: depend on material, laser source power
10.Electric power supply: AC380V 50/60Hz