Cantilever-Rotary Console

Automatic Collecting Device

Large stroke two together on the dynamic air chuck:

1.Chuck by changing the gas path, the usual four-jaw chuck linkage, optimization Cheng stroke power chuck double acting.

2.Cutting different diameters, the shape of the pipe in the travel range (bilateral stroke 80mm),no need to adjust the jaw easy setup and centered.

3.easy switching of different diameters, a substantial saving setup time.

Lift adjustable support system:

The cutting of pipes of different diameters, by adjustable support system to quickly and accurately find concentricity pipe and claw, to achieve rapid feeding, care feeding purposes, saving setup time cut-out.You can assist chuck support, reducing the swing pipe.

Integration bed:

1.As a whole plate welded bed, the whole length   of 8 meters.

2.Integration bed can better ensure concentricity   of equipment, vertical, precision installation fast  and efficient.

3.The whole structure is compact precision.

3D user interface:

1.Intuitive interface, better compatibility with  Solidworks, Pro / e, UG software, convenient and  easy to operate.

2.radical departure from the traditional CNC  operating software code programming style  complex method of operation.

3.Reduce the operator's requirements.

Online diagnostic function:

CypTube have received servo feedback function cutting head, laser and other components, is available online diagnose the failure point device.