At present, China cutting machine industry has shown a decline in the market share of traditional cutting equipment, while new laser cutting machine market share rapidly rising scene. Especially the high-power CO2 laser cutting machine and medium-small power fiber laser cutting machine have the higher the market share. Some high quality and famous brand laser cutting machines and even exported to foreign countries, opened up an international trade road of laser equipment. 

In China, laser cutting machine industry of major existing equipments include 3D laser cutting machine, CO2 laser cutting machine, YAG and fiber laser cutting machine. 3D laser cutting machine is mainly for cutting shaped parts, such as automobile manufacturing and other parts of the body cutting. CO2 laser cutting machine has very wide range of applications. In addition to metallic materials, it can also cut non-metallic materials, so it is market share is relatively high. Fiber laser cutting machine developed with the development of fiber laser technology. It has advantages of intelligent, environmental protection, saving energy and saving processing costs; YAG laser cutting machine in the past two years, the development momentum is not as fiber laser cutting machine. 

With sheet metal processing, automobile manufacturing, elevator manufacturing and other industries developed rapidly, laser cutting machine industry has also ushered in a good development opportunities. Especially in the elevator manufacturing industry, fiber laser cutting machine is more popular. For this reason, many laser cutting machine manufacturers have invested a lot of money and talent, hoping that through continuous development and improvement of product performance and features to improve their own products in the market share.