The traditional cutting process has flame cutting, plasma cutting, water jet cutting, line cutting and punching processing. As a emerging technology in recent years, laser cutting is high energy density of the laser beam to the workpiece, and the local thermal fusion, then high-pressure gas blows off the slag so as to form kerf. Laser cutting has the following advantages.

1 narrow kerf, high precision, good slotted roughness after cutting without reprocessing after the procedure.
2 laser processing system itself is a computer system. You can easily arrange, modify, suitable for customized process. Especially for some of the contours of complex shape sheet metal parts, it is small quantities, product life cycle is not long. Considering from technical, economic cost and time, manufacture of molds is not cost-effective, while laser cutting machine particularly suitable for it.
3. large energy density of laser processing, short duration of action, small heat affected zone, small thermal deformation and small thermal stress. Laser is non-mechanical contact processing, no mechanical stress for work piece, suitable for precision machining.
4. laser energy density enough to melt any metals, particularly suitable for processing metals with high hardness, high brittleness, high melting point and metals that the other process is difficult to cut.
5 low processing costs. Although one-time investment for laser machine is higher, continuous and large number of processing finally reduce the cost of each part of the process.
6 Laser non-contact processing, small inertia, high processing speed. With CNC system of CAD / CAM software programming, saving time and convenience, the overall efficiency is very high.
7 high degree of automation. Laser cutting can be fully enclosed processing. No pollution, little noise, greatly improving the operator's working environment.

Compared with earlier laser cutting, fiber laser cutting advantages:
1. Laser transmitted through the optical fiber to the focusing head, flexible connection easy to automated processing with production line.
2. Fiber ideal beam quality, greatly improving the cutting quality and work efficiency.
3. Fiber laser high stability and long life of the pump diode, decided it not like the traditional lamp-pumped lasers that need to be adjusted to suit the current xenon lamp aging problems, greatly improving the stability of production and product consistency.
4. Fiber laser photoelectric conversion efficiency is higher than 25%. Small power consumption, small size.
5. Compact structure, systems integration, less failure, easy to use, no optical adjustment, low maintenance and even zero maintenance, anti-shock and vibration, anti-dust, really suitable for industrial processing fields.

Currently medium & low-priced laser cutting machine, laser basically optional 1-2KW fast axial flow CO2 laser, needs to be charged He, Ne, CO2 and other gases. Maintenance costs 20 RMB / hour. System power consumption at around 30KW (main power components are laser power supply, cooling system and cutting bed). Plus the cost of blowing, lenses and cutting nozzles and other consumables, the cumulative hourly usage charges will be nearly 100RMB. Contain inflation , Systems including cooling system and gas charging system covers an area of up to tens of square meters.

Also a low-cost laser cutting machine, laser is optional dual 500W xenon lamp pumped YAG lasers. Over two hundred hours, each xenon lamp needs to be replaced. The total cost of 3 RMB / hour. System power consumption at around 30KW (main power components are laser power supply, cooling system and cutting bed). Plus the cost of blowing, lenses and cutting nozzles and other consumables, the cumulative hourly usage costs 60 RMB. Contain inflation. System occupied area is smaller than axial flow CO2 laser cutting system.

However, the biggest problem of the system is, first, xenon lamp life is shorter, often need to adjust the current to accommodate xenon lamp aging; second, xenon lamp require frequent replacement re-adjust the optical path; third, more complex hard-optical system requires frequent commissioning and maintenance in order to ensure suitable for cutting of excellent optical quality. All of these factors greatly affect the stability of industrial production and product consistency.

Currently, the industry is generally combined sheet metal industry characteristics to launch combination of large-format platform + fiber laser cutting, thorough and effective solution to the above problems. The main design idea is as follows. First, fiber lasers instead of using CO2 lasers lamp-pumped lasers. Fiber laser technology in recent years, is the rapid development of laser technology, compared to the conventional laser, with better cut quality, lower system cost, longer life and lower maintenance costs, lower power consumption. And fiber lasers can be transmitted through the fiber laser for easy connection with the motion platform to realize flexible machining, greatly simplifying the traditional laser cutting machine system design, but also improve the stability of the system, reducing the amount of maintenance, really suitable for industrial processing fields of application.