P2060A Machine Specifications

1.Laser pipe cutting machine for 20-300mm diameter,tube length 6m,8m,12m
2.Laser cutting with wall thickness of pipes up to 22mm carbon steel
3.Automatic bundle loader system with material alignment
4.Equipped with standard laser power 2KW and 3KW,4KW optional laser generator
5.Applied to round tubes,square tubes,oval tubes,rectangular tubes,and triangle tubes and other irregular-shaped pipes etc.

6.Applied to metal furniture, medical device, fitness equipment, sports equipment,oil exploration, display shelf, farm machinery, bridge, boating, steel structure,fire control industries etc.

XJGC-300800G Fiber Laser Cutting Waist Round Tube In Our Factory


Fiber Laser Cutting Carbon Steel Round Tube 

Fiber Laser Cutting Steel Square Tube