Technology, the soul of enterprise, is the key element of forging core competencies.

Golden Laser knows, lost technology is equivalent to losing market. Therefore, Golden Laser has been committed to laser technology. From "manufacturing" to "create" from "property" to "knowledge" transformation, Golden Laser provides customers with the most outstanding laser processing solutions.

Golden Laser technological innovation is based on customers demand for innovative. Therefore, each of the results can be leading market, highlighting the huge economic and social benefits, and to provide customers with a quick promotion of efficiency and profitability.

After years of continuous innovation, Golden Laser has established an independent and self-contained creation system referring to mechanical design, laser electrical, CNC, industrial design, machine vision systems. And also possesses a municipal authorized research center and co-operation partner with foreign technology.

Golden Laser high-tech R & D center has also repeatedly undertaken national Torch Program, major industrial technology development and other government projects. Golden Laser continuous laser technology basic research and applied research enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises and has made positive progress in the industry contributions.