1mm stainless steel sheet fiber laser cutting machine GF-1530

Product Feature


1.Nlight 700w fiber laser generator, 500W/1000W optional

2.Cut size 1500mm*3000mm
3.Max thickness: 10mm metal
4.Imported fiber laser cutting head
5.Cypcut software
6.Open type structure

Application Field

Applicable Industry

Sheet metal, hardware, kitchenware, electronic, automotive parts, glasses, advertising, craft, lighting, decoration, jewelry, etc

Applicable material

Specially for carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, alloy, titanium, aluminum, brass, copper and other metal sheets

Machine Description

Machine Highlights

Open design provides easy loading and unloading

Single working table saves space

Drawer style tray makes easy collecting and cleaning for the scraps and small parts

Gantry double driving structure, high damping bed, good rigidity, high speed and acceleration

The world’s leading fiber laser resonator and electronic components to ensure machine superior stability

Technical Parameter

GF 1530 Machine Technical Parameters
Model number GF-1530/GF-1540/GF-1560/GF-2040/GF-2060
Cutting area



Laser source imported fiber laser resonator
Laser source power 500W/700W/1000W
Position accuracy ±0.03mm/m
Repeat position accuracy ±0.02mm
Maximum position speed 72m/min
Acceleration  1g
Cutting speed depend on material, laser source power
Electric power supply AC220V 50/60Hz/AC220V 50/60Hz/AC380V 50/60Hz

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