Stainless Steel Round Square Tube Fiber Metal Laser Cutting Machine For Office Desk,Chair

Product Feature

Three Core Strength
1.Advanced manufacturing and assembly process
a.24 hours with the furnace cooling 
b.Y axis electric double drive 
c.The gear rack transmission structure 
d.The design is simple and classic

2.High quality spare parts
a.Imported fiber laser resonator 
b.Imported proportional valve 
c.Follow the uneven sheet automatically.

3.Humanization design
a.Smart professional automatic typesetting software
b.The machine is equipped with a lubrication system.
C.Various format pipe shapes can be read

Application Field

Golden Vtop Professional pipe laser cutting mahcine with automatic bundle loader P2060A is suitable for 0.5-10mm stainless steel ,0.5-20mm carbon steel,0.5-8mm aluminum,0.5-5mm brass,copper,galvanized steel and other metal materials.

and it is especially applicable to the fitness equipment,sports equipment,office desks,display shelf,oil exploration,steel structure,lighting lamps,agricultural machinery industry etc. 

Machine Description

Technical Parameter

Model number:P2060A/P3080A

Tube length: 6000mm/8000mm

Tube diameter: 20mm-200mm/20mm-300mm

Laser source: imported fiber laser resonator

Laser source power: 500W/700W/1000W/2000W/3000W

Position accuracy: +0.03mm

Repeat position accuracy: +0.01mm

Maximum position speed: 70m/min

Acceleration: 1g

Cutting speed: depend on material, laser source power

Electric power supply: AC380V 50/60Hz

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