Fiber Robotic Arm 3D Laser Cutting Machine For Metal Tube / Pipe / Sheet

Product Feature


1.Laser source: the use of high-performance fiber lasers, high efficiency, low cost of integrated use.

2.The implementation of the cutting of the implementing agencies for the Swiss Staubli robot. Staubli robot is the robot robot industry's most accurate robot. The use of aluminum titanium alloy robot body, harmonic reducer design, the robot body relative to other brands, light weight, fast, high precision. TL160L robot in the small curvature of the fine cut and large format to tell the cut relative to other brands have obvious advantages. In high-speed cutting, Staubli robots can achieve a speed of 18 m / min without jitter, other brands rarely guarantee the cutting speed of 10 m / min to ensure good cutting results. Also in the small round cut, you can cut the smallest diameter of 2mm small round, cutting effect smooth and beautiful, which other brands of robots can not do.

3.Staubli robot can be configured according to the actual needs of customers off-line programming software, software can read the three-dimensional mapping software everywhere vda, igs, x_t, sldprt, prt, par and other formats, directly in the software compiler track procedures, Teaching, simple and efficient to achieve the product of the type of programming work.

4.Follow the cutting head: optional with the international top brands of the cutting head to ensure that the laser is always in the focus position to ensure the cutting effect.

5.Auxiliary air blowing system: the system integrates high pressure air, nitrogen, oxygen three gas source structure and high and low voltage conversion gas path, the customer can choose according to the processing quality requirements and cost of auxiliary gas.

6.Lubrication system: The machine is equipped with manual lubrication system, reduce the wear of moving parts, to ensure the speed of the whole machine.

Application Field

Applicable to all kinds of uneven metal pipe and sheet metal cutting, suitable for the automotive industry, mold manufacturing, kitchen utensils, metal products, such as automatic cutting.

Machine Description

Technical Parameter

Model number RX 160L
Power of optional laser generator
500W 1000W
Robotic arm
Staubli TX160L
Radius of crane
Type of  Installation Hook / Stand
Applicable types of processing cutting
Positioning accuracy
Optical Accessories
The special laser cutting software package

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