Co2 Laser Cutting Machine for MDF Board / Acrylic / Stainless Steel /CS / Aluminum

Product Feature


1.Sealed CO2 RF laser tube with good quality laser beam, stable power and long service life and low cost. It is maintenance-free and efficient.

2.The knife strip working table reduce the contacting area between the working table and work piece, which ensures high quality cutting.

3.Following exhaust system has good performance and saves energy.

4.The smart nesting function enhances the material utilization rate.

5.Wide application fields, suitable for metal and non-metal cutting.

6.Adopt Weihong motion control system, to ensure the high speed moving and high accuracy.

Machine Cutting  Parameters

Type Laser Resonator Stainless Steel Carbon Steel Aluminum Acrylic MDF BOARD
GRF-1530   ≤400W   Rofin  3.0/1900(N2)   5.0/1600(O2)   1.0(O2)   18/1500   40/250
  ≤600W   Rofin  3.0/2800(O2)   6.0/1600(O2   2.0(O2)   18/2500   40/300

Application Field

Applicable Materials
stainless steel, carbon steel, acrylic, plastics, wood and other metal or non-metal sheet materials.
Applicable Industries

Print and packing\advertising\ metal plate\ furniture\Art craftworks

Machine Description

Golden Laser  Multi-Materials CO2 Laser Cutting Machine Advantages

1.Full closed optical pathway consists of a deflection mirror and a focusing lens,easily adjustment,long life time and low maintenance.

2.Gear and rack transmission with double driver synchronous,high load capability, high speed and accuracy.

3.Extractor and smoke treatment system, prevent the optical pathway to pollution,Optimized the optical path performance.

4.Automatic following & anti-collision system, protect cutting surface and laser cutting head. 

5.Weihong CNC laser cutting system, high cutting effective and high accuracy.

Technical Parameter

Laser type RF CO2 Laser Generator
Cooling method No condensation water cooling
Nominal power 400W ≤600W
Power range 10-480W 10-650W
Cutting speed 9000mm/min 9000mm/min
Cutting precision ±0.20mm ±0.20mm
Repeated positioning precision ±0.05mm ±0.05mm
Z axis route 0-100mm 0-100mm
Processing area(X,Y) 1500*3000mm 1500*3000mm
Gross power 14KW 21KW
Power supply 3PH+1/380V/50HZ 3PH+1/380V/50HZ
Dimensions 4050mm*2050mm*1600mm 4050mm*2050mm*1600mm
Weight 4T 4T
System/compatible format Window 7/XP/DXF\ PLT \ ENG \ G codes
Auxiliary System Dust Treatment System
Software      Weihong CNC System

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