Fiber Laser Robot Arm 3D Cutting Tube / Pipe

Product Feature

1. It perfectly integrated the world famous ABB robot arm and fiber laser cutting technical that represents the most advanced level of laser cutting and can realize automated production to the maximum.

2. 6-axis cooperation makes a large working area and can reach long distance, furthermore having a great load-bearing capacity so as to perform cutting process along 3D track within the working space.

3. Due to the compact structure and slim robot wrist, it can realize high performance operation even if a place with lots of restriction.

4. Process speed and position can be adjusted to achieve the best manufacturing precision with high yield.

5. Low noise, long routine maintenance intervals, long lifespan.

6. The robot arm can be controlled by handheld terminal.

7. Welding, packaging, handling and other functions can be achieved by modifying the program and changing hardware.

Application Field

Suitable for cutting various metallic materials and ABS non-metallic materials.

Applicable to automotive industry, mold making, kitchenware and hardware automated cutting and welding.

Technical Parameter

Model X2400D X2400L X1410L Other
Robot Arm IRB2400 IRB2400 IRB1410 IRB2600 / STAUBLI
Radius of Crane 1.45m 1.45m 1.45m 1.65m / 1.85m / 2m
Installation Hook Stand Stand Stand / Hook
Application Cutting Cutting / Welding Welding Cutting /Welding
Positioning Accuracy 0.03mm 0.03mm 0.25mm 0.02mm / 0.08mm
Laser Power 500W / 1KW / 2KW 500W / 1KW / 2KW 300W / 600W 300W / 500W / 2000W
Optional Accessories Laser cutting software package ABB laser cutting software package META Customized

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