Fiber Laser Welding Robot Arm

Product Feature

1) It perfectly integrated the world famous ABB robot arm and fiber laser welding machine that can realize automated production to the maximum.

2) 6-axis cooperation makes a large working area and can reach long distance so as to perform welding process along any track within the working space.

3) Due to the compact structure and slim robot wrist, it can realize high performance operation even if a place with lots of restriction.

4) Process speed and position can be adjusted to achieve the best manufacturing precision with high yield.

5) Low noise, long routine maintenance intervals, long lifespan.

6) The robot arm can be controlled by handheld terminal.

Application Field

Laser welding material is mainly metallic material: such as stainless steel, aluminum alloy, carbon steel, mild steel, brass, copper, galvanized sheet, rare metals, etc.

Laser welding widely applied in batteries, electronics, optical communications, automotive, micro electronics, hardware, household appliances, medical equipment, mold, bathroom, super capacitors, motors, instrumentation, aerospace, solar, glasses, jewelry, etc.

Machine Description

Laser welding has the superiority of small welding spot diameter, narrow weld seam and excellent welding effect. After welding,

there is no need further treatment or merely simple further treatment. Furthermore, laser welding is applicable to a large scale of

materials and can weld various different materials. There advantages enable laser welding be widely used in varieties of precision

welding processes.

Technical Parameter

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