Fiber Laser Cutting Machine XJGC 150300 JH

Product Feature

1) The coherent Fiber laser source is single module in the market with the fiber cable diameter is 50μm, so it more suits for precision cutting on thin sheet metal with fast speed; 

Also, if your most job is thick steel, then you can choose 100μm fiber cable diameter laser source with fast speed for thick metal cutting; 

2) Coherent fiber laser cutting machine, you can cut any metal you want, even brass,copper,aluminium cutting is under warranty; 

3) Regarding the cutting speed, Coherent Fiber laser source is more faster than IPG 1000W but the price is more competitive than IPG laser source; 

   a. Since Golden Laser has cooperated with USA Coherent company for more than 10 years, we can got a very good price. 
   b. 1000W Coherent fiber laser cutting machine could cut max.10mm MS & 6mm SS. For 1mm Stainless steel,speed 350mm/s.

   c. We also proving IPG,Raycus, Coherent, SPI laser source with fixed table, full closed tube as well as pallet tale machine.

Application Field


Fiber Laser Cutting Material


Fiber Laser Cutting Industry

1.Mild Steel

2.Carbon Steel

3.Stainless Steel

4.Galvanized Steel

5.Iron Sheet


7.Brass & Copper

1. Sheet metal fabrication
2. Electrical cabinet
3. Elevator
4. Automotive parts
5. Aviation & aerospace
6. Lighting lamps
7. Metal carfts & decoration
8. Hardware tools
9. Advertising
10. Furnitures
11. Kitchenware equipment
12. Fitness equipment
13. Medical equipment
14. Agricultural and forestry machinery

Machine Description

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Introduction

1). The double ball screw closed-loop system and imported open CNC system enable high processing accuracy and high working efficiency during high speed cutting.

2). Standard collocation of 2000W fiber laser generator and optional 500W 1000W 1500W 3000W fiber laser generator realize low operation and maintenance cost and maximum long-term investment returns and profits.

3). Enclosure design conforms to CE standard for reliable and safe processing. Pallet changer working table is convenient for material uploading and unloading and further promotes working efficiency.

4). Aiming at high speed cutting, we design and manufacture strengthened welded machine body after 2 times of aging process, ensuring long-term accuracy and stability of performance.

5). Standard collocation of dual-pressure gas control system of 3 gas sources (high pressure air, nitrogen, oxygen) meets the processing requirement of all kinds of materials. Easy operation and low cost.

6). Standard collocation of automatic nesting software (including material management and optimized processing technology) and providing with database of process parameters for easy operation and simple management.

7). Optimized optical lens, specially designed nozzle and sensor technology realize more smooth and more stable cutting. Optional collocation of 2000mm×4000mm, 2000mm×6000mm working table.

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine in Golden•Vtop Laser Factory

Fiber Laser Cutting Metal Live-Action

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Demo Videos on YouTube

1000W laser cutting machine:
1000W laser cutting 2mm SS:
1000W laser cutting 3mm SS:
1000W laser cutting 6mm ms:
1000W laser cutting 8mm ms:
1000W laser cutting 10mm ms:

Technical Parameter

Laser Type:

IPG Fiber laser /  Coherent fiber laser / Raycus fiber laser

Laser Power:

500W / 1000W / 2000W /3000W

Working area:

1500mmX3000mm / 2000mmX4000mm / 2000mmmX6000mm

Working Table Structure:

Pallet Changer

Control System:

PMAC full-closed loop servo control

Driving Mode:

Double gear rack driving

Idle/Processing Speed:

100m/min ; 30m/min

Positioning Accuracy:


Cooling System:

Dual temperature dual control chiller

Protection System:

Enclosure protection

Laser Head:

Golden Laser / Precitec / Laser mech

Power Supply:

AC220V ± 5% 50 / 60Hz / AC380V ± 5% 50 / 60Hz

Total Power:

17KW / 8-22KW

Support Format:


Floor Space:


Other Standard Collocation:

Metal nesting software, dual-pressure gas route of 3 kind gas sources, dynamic focus, remote controller, etc.

* Note: As products are constantly updated, please contact us for latest specifications.

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