CNC Fiber Laser Cutter for Stainless Steel/Carbon Steel/Iron Pipe Tube

Product Feature

1,Tube laser cutting machine is a new innovation designed by Golden Laser. The whole system configuration well,processing efficiency, high precision, stable and reliable operation. Uses through type numerical control rotary table, the aperture is big. Tube of Ø 200mm or less than  Ø 200mm can through .Two High precision rotary table use double drive synchronous drive ,tubes not easily distorted when processing.

2,The device adopts multiple automatically segmented feeding method, feeding precise and convenient, reducing the after-sales maintenance cycles It can also adapt to harsh working environments.

3,Air system can simultaneously access three different auxiliary gas, and automatic conversion.

4,The numerical control system configuration(Cooperated with Cypcut software to meet the requirements of plane cutting and pipe cutting  and can be switched).

5,The floor space is 10615mm*2025mm*2307mm

Application Field

1. Fiber pipe laser cutting machine has been widely used in fitness equipment,exhibition equipments,metal furnitures and other metal processing area, compared with the traditional cutting process, laser cutting machine can cut a better quality of the workpiece, and reduce the processing operations.

2. Since this is now processing more fitness equipment industry pipe, pipe cutting and drilling process is often need to use, so choose a drilling device can not only cut, is very necessary.

3. And our pipe laser cutting machine can complete a variety of cutting shapes pipe, the pipe surface arbitrarily complex curve graphics processing, graphics difficulty without restrictions. After cutting the pipe section does not require secondary processing, it can be welded directly, greatly reducing the production period, creating enormous value for the enterprise.

Machine Description

1. Laser power  1000w,and other laser power for option

2. Avaliable with round,square,triangle,rectangle,oval,circular tubes and more other special tubes etc.

3. Cutting pipe thickness up to 12mm.

4. Cutting size is customized,200*6000mm, 300*8000mm

5. Germany IPG fiber laser resonator

6. Suitable for Stainless Steel,Carbon Steel,Mild Steel,alloy,iron,brass,steel.

Technical Parameter

Laser power


Laser source

Germany IPG fiber laser resonator

Pipe/Tube processing

(Φ x L)

Φ=20-200mm, L=6m

(Φ=20-300mm for option; L>6m for option)

Pipe/Tube category

Round, square, rectangular, oval, waist round, etc

Rotate speed

90 turn/minute

CNC control

Shanghai FSCUT CypTube

Laser head

Germany PRECITEC LightCutter

Power supply

AC380V±5% 50/60Hz (3 phase)

Total electric power


Position accuracy


Repeat position accuracy


Maximum position speed




Drawing programming mode

SolidworksPro/eUG, etc import directly

Machine weight


Sample Display

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