2016 Round / Square / Waist Round Pipe Laser Cutter With Automatic Bundle Loader Price

Product Feature

Application Field

Applicable Industry

Furniture, medical device, fitness equipment, oil exploration, display shelf, farm machinery, bridge, boating, structure parts,

Applicable material

Specially for round, square, rectangular, oval, waist round tube and other metal sheets&tubes

Machine Description

  1. Integrated bed makes concentricity, verticality, precision better
  2. Two linked right move claws,compatible with a variety of pipe without adjusting jaws, no need to adjust claw
  3. Clamping force optimization design avoids deformation
  4. Innovative one-way air control claw tightness helps extend cylinder life
  5. Visual scale adjustable support lifting device saves feeding time, ensures concentricity, prevents pipe swinging
  6. Integrated circuits, streamline laying provides easy maintenance and low failure rate
  7. Automatic boundary, automatically find center, automatic compensation  
  8. Adjustable frequency perforation
  9. High damping bed, good rigidity, high speed and acceleration
  10. Automatic bundle loader for option which saves labor and loading time, achieve mass production purpose
  11. The world’s leading fiber laser resonator and electronic components to ensure machine superior stability

Name: Automatic loading mechanism
1.The total feed manipulator with frame and strand width control transport links in 2200mm, total height control in 2300mm, maximum height of not more than 2500mm. So overall into containers
2.Feeding robot body with a chain conveyor link structure integrated design, easy to debug transport

Name: Automatic collecting device 

1.Automatic elevating support, receive tube and scrap into the basket
2.Visual scale support can adjust support diameter quickly according to pipe diameter
3.Visual scale adjustable support lifting device saves feeding time, ensures concentricity, prevents pipe swinging

Name: Power chuck 
1.Chuck by changing the gas path, the usual four-jaw chuck linkage, optimization Cheng stroke power chuck double acting.
2.Cutting different diameters, the shape of the pipe in the travel range (bilateral stroke 80mm),no need to adjust the jaw easy setup and centered.
3.easy switching of different diameters, a substantial saving setup time.

Name: Pneumatic support 
The cutting of pipes of different diameters, by adjustable support system to quickly and accurately find concentricity pipe and claw, to achieve rapid feeding, care feeding purposes, saving setup time cut-out.You can assist chuck support, reducing the swing pipe.
Name: Integration bed 
1.As a whole plate welded bed, the whole length of 8 meters.
2.Integration bed can better ensure concentricity of equipment, vertical, precision installation fast and efficient.
3.The whole structure is compact precision

Technical Parameter

Model number
P2060A / P3080A
Tube length
Tube diameter
Laser source
imported fiber laser resonator
Laser source power
Position accuracy
Repeat position accuracy
Maximum position speed
Cutting speed
depend on material, laser source power
Electric power supply
AC380V 50/60Hz

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