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Golden Laser | High-end Laser Manufacturing Division Mid-year Commendation Meeting

Date: 2018-08-10

July 27th 2018, the high-end laser manufacturing divisions mid-year commendation meeting of Wuhan Golden laser Co., Ltd (hereafter referred to as Golden Laser) was successfully held in Golden Laser Headquarter Building, the top management leader, marketing center staff, financial personnel etc. from Golden Laser and Vtop Laser all attended this meeting.


Summing up is for better proceeding, not only looking back to the past ups and downs, but also respecting to the future direction.

The meeting is divided into three parts: marketing center work summary,  excellent team and personal commendation, experience summary sharing. Let’s review the spontaneous moments of this mid-year meeting.


1.Work summary of the high-end digital laser manufacturing division

Ms. Judy, General Manager of the Laser Division, gave a wonderful opening speech on the company's development. And she has briefly summarized and analyzed the company's current situation, main products and operation modes, development vision and strategic planning. And she stressed that Golden Laser should continue to build core competitiveness, spare no effort to manage upgrades, technology upgrades, product upgrades, create value for customers.

Mr. Cai, General Manager of the flexible laser manufacturing department and Mr. Chen, General Manager of the metal fiber laser manufacturing business from Wuhan Vtop Fiber Laser Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Vtop Laser) both had deep summary of the work in the first half of 2018, and stated the preliminary deployment of the work in the second half of 2018. The whole meeting atmosphere is warm, so that everyone can clearly understand the direction of follow-up work and strengthen the confidence of future development.

2.Excellent team and personal recognition

Subsequently, the company affirmed and praised all staff’s work enthusiasm and efforts in the first half of the year. In order to encourage the workers to get better achievements for the second half of the year and actively urge them to full play their own advantages, the company honored and gave bonus to excellent team and personnel.

3.Speeches of Golden Laser Director

Mr. Liang, the actual owner of Golden Laser attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Mr. Liang shared his experience in the thinking ways of enterprise management and operation, he stressed that we need to  enhance the brand awareness and influence of Golden Laser continuously, pay attention to talents introduction and cultivation, encourage all workers to set down for business, improve ourselves abilities and seek steadily development, and let Golden Laser become a platform for earning and entrusting life.

All workers in Golden Laser will strive for innovation and move forward!

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