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How and Why Should You Buy A Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?

Date: 2018-08-16

What is the reason that more and more entrepreneurs decide to buy a CNC fiber laser cutting machine to increase its production? Just one thing is certain – the price is no reason in this case. The cost of this kind of cutting machine is the highest, so you must let the buyer know how and why should he buy a laser cutting machine.


This article will tell you how to choose a fiber laser cutting machine in the laser market. You should know price is not always the most important argument for investment. On the other side there will be presented some useful information which can be helpful during the choosing the best model of fiber laser cutting machine.

At first, it’s necessary to know your cutting requirements well. What types of materials the machine will cut? Are there a lots of materials to be cut that make you should buy the machine? Maybe the outsourcing would be better solution? The other important point is the budget. Even if you do not have enough money, you can use different ways of financing. There are many grant sources which can make your financial situation better.

If you would like to analyse cutting precision, the fiber laser is the best technology. It is even 12 times better than plasma cutting and 4 times better than water cutting. So, the fiber laser cutting will be the best solution for the companies that need get masterpiece of precision, even for the most complicated elements. One reason is that it is of very narrow cutting gap and can achieve precision cutting. The fiber laser technology also get perfect shape of small holes.

Another advantage of laser cutting machines is the good cutting speed. While the water cutting is very precise and takes much more time. The fiber laser cutting machine can even achieve cutting speed of 35 m/min, and ensure immeasurably better efficiency.

It’s also important to pay attention to the slag, that is set on the element after the cutting process. It is unnecessary to waste more time for cleaning. It generates also more costs and more time for preparing final product in this way. The slag is particularly inherent during the plasma cutting process.

There is one more reason that laser machines are better than plasma machines. Laser cutting is not so loud as loud like plasma cutting. Even cutting under the water can’t stop generating noise.


The thickness is particularly the only limitation for the laser technology. Working with thin materials, fiber is suitable – in this case the fiber laser is the winner. Unfortunately, if you use materials over 20 mm, you should think about another technology or buy the machine over 6 kW (it is not profitable). You can also modify your plans and buy two machines: 4 kW or 2 kW laser machine and the plasma cutting machine. It is cheaper set and it has the same possibilities.

Now, when you know some facts, there will be presented things about the costs. The fiber laser technology is the most expensive technology. Cheaper are waterjets but the cheapest is plasma technology. The situation is changed comparing machine cost of operation. The cutting costs are relatively low in fiber laser technology.

Generally, the fiber laser technology is the most universal. It can cut a lots of materials – metals, glass, wood, plastic and many others. It is also the master of precision and look of cut out elements. If you use thin materials often, the fiber laser cutting machine is the most optimal choice for you.

When you made a decision and chose fiber, you must think about the model. It doesn’t mean the producers analyse. It means parameters. There are many parameter combinations that determine the best choice of solution.. Now, there will be a compiled together various parameters: lasers power, cutting fast and material thickness.

General idea is that the laser power grows with the material’s thickness. Mostly you can find machines that power is in range 2-6 kW. If the thickness is constant, the speed grows with the power value. But it isn’t good idea to cut very thin materials using 6 kW. It is not effective and generates a lot of costs. You should know the machines price depends on the laser’s power. These differences are so big. It’s better not to choose too high laser power.

Now, there a lot of additional equipment for the laser cutting machines. They should make the parameters better. Depends of your needs it is possible to choose some components and get synergy effect. One of the examples is the PCS (Piercing Control System) that is offered sometimes. It is the innovating system that reduces piercing time thanks the optic colours and temperature analyse. Using analysed parameters, controller LPM (Laser Power Monitor) takes the control of the laser beam and prevents micro explosions during the piercing and limits slag creating. The important advantage of this system is the working table protection and longer life time of nozzles and filters.

If you do correct analysis of market offer you can avoid many mistakes. You should know the newest solutions. Any doubts you should discuss with specialist. This approach to the purchase of the laser machine gives you a real possibility to avoid wasting of money and make your advantages stronger.

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