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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Silicon Sheet Cutting (2) - Laser Cutting VS Punching

Date: 2018-11-20

Silicon steel sheet production adopts the traditional punching process. For new products, it is necessary to carry out mold design, production, trial, adjustment, etc. procedures according to the customer's drawing and process requirements. The trial cycle and sample delivery cycle are too long. And the developing of every new product should go through the same process, and each node of the entire process need manual control.


Laser cutting is ready for new products' trial and development at any time. The customer only needs to provide product drawings and process requirements. The following is to import the CAD format drawing into the cutting software, adjust and set the cutting parameters, then you can start cutting and get the sample at a short time. The entire trial process only needs a skilled staff to complete. It greatly shortens the trial cycle, saves costs, and can meet the development requirements of each new product.

Silicon steel sheets are widely used with multiple types, so it needs many sets of punching and stamping machines for workpiece production. As for small batch production, the molds and production equipment need to be replaced, resulting in high using cost.

Laser cutting is not affected by material type and the output. It only needs to adjust the processing program when cutting different types of product, one-click import to complete. Since there is no complicated mold change and debugging process, it can arrange cutting at any time. The production form switching process is simple and efficient. This is also the biggest advantage of laser cutting for external processing.

Punch molds need to be repaired regularly or irregularly. The small wear of the mold can be repaired. If the wear is serious, it must be replaced, so that the mold maintenance cost is high, the maintenance time is long, and the production efficiency is affected.


Fiber laser cutting equipment is basically a maintenance-free device. The solid machine structure, high-precision machining bed, high-quality imported hardware and closed-loop control system, these all ensure the machine long-term machining accuracy and free maintenance. Laser cutting is a non-contact processing with no wear points. The consumable parts are lens and nozzle of the fiber laser cutting head which are cheap and easy to replace.

Meanwhile, the main mechanical moving parts of the equipment, such as racks and guide rails, have automatic lubrication devices. Long-term maintenance does not require manual intervention. It only needs regular inspection. The core part laser source is imported from the United States. It is highly tolerant to the environment and can be used continuously for more than 100,000 hours. The overall machine failure rate is extremely low, and the weekly maintenance time is less than 2 hours.

Whether it is cutting or stamping, the process is noisy.

There is almost no noise when fiber laser cutting machine is processing. And the only sound during the cutting process is the sound of gas blowing. The noise damage to the operator is reduced to a minimum.

The silicon steel sheet produced by stamping will have burrs at the edges, so the subsequent process needs to be embossed to reduce burrs.

The superior metal cutting performance of fiber laser cutting is particularly prominent in the processing of thin plates. The processing can be completed in one time, and it can ensure the cut edge with no burr at high speed cutting. Moreover, the workpiece has smooth surface and no edge bending.

Because the cutting has no burrs, the silicon steel sheet manufacturing process can be streamlined, improving processing efficiency and reducing labor costs.

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