Laser cutting machine comparison between Golden laser and other manufacturers (1)

Date: 2018-12-10

Full enclosed design

Full enclosed machine structure design isolates all the visible laser inside the machine, reducing the risk of laser radiation and providing safer protection for your processing environment.


The dust and smoke generated by metal laser cutting is completely isolated inside the machine. According to the dynamic flow law of dust and smoke, the machine top is adopting the multi-distributed suction design with large suction fan, which reduces the dust pollution during the processing, maintains a clean working environment and protect the  operator’s healthy;

Operation table

Abandoning the traditional model which the operation table is integrated in the machine casing, Golden laser is using an external rotary operation table to preserve the machine overall integrity, and it is more in line with the industrial design standards of high-end CNC equipment;


(1) The operation table can be rotated 270 degrees and it supports multi-dimensional operation stations;

(2) Monitoring window, operation interface, high-end numerical control panel, wireless mouse and keyboard are all integrated in the operation table, the machine start and shut off, standby maintenance all can be completed in one interface;

(3) The machine has a built-in high-definition surveillance camera, real-time dynamic display of laser cutting process, it can monitor the machine operation status at any time;

(4) The extra configured high-end CNC panel not only consistences with the European and U.S.A. operating standards, it is also supporting  convenient and simple mouse-button operation modes;

Control software



FSCUT4000 cutting system

We use the higher-end FSCUT4000 series laser cutting system, which is a high-speed, high-precision, full-closed laser control system. The system supports some advanced functions such as automatic adjustment, cross-coupling control, intelligent punching, and PSO position synchronization output.

FSCUT2000 cutting system

The FSCUT2000 laser cutting system is open-loop control system for the sheet metal processing industry. It mainly applied in medium and low power laser equipment.



We are using the Germany high-end brand reducer - Alpha, its accuracy is up to 3 arc minutes, it is imported and original assembled overseas. The reducer is similar to a car gearbox, and its importance can be imagined. The high-precision, high-stability Alpha reducer makes the machine run with higher fluency and smoothness, and the cutting accuracy is higher.

Other manufacturers adopt domestic or Taiwan-funded brands, or OEM reducers, the accuracy is only 5 arc minutes, lower accuracy levels and lower costs. The production of reducers is mostly done in China, and the manufacturing process and quality management standards are far lower than those in Germany.

Nlight laser source


1. Nlight laser source - high reflective materials cutting ability

Nlight laser source has advanced high reflective materials cutting ability, it can cut aluminum, galvanized sheet, brass, copper, etc. At the same time, the cutting performance of conventional carbon steel and stainless steel materials is also outstanding.

2. Nlight laser source - Anti-condensation


The seal design is in accord with NEMA 12 standards, all modules have a CDA purge gas interface. The built-in humidity sensor and internal locking device are easy integrated into the laser cutting machine. The continuously input low-pressure air ensures that the laser interior is always in a dry environment, and reduces the influence of external ambient temperature and humidity on the laser to zero. At the same time, the laser is filled with air to form a high voltage, which can form a shielding layer and block surrounding dust and smog enter into the laser source, thus keeping the laser clean for a long time. The combination of the two functions greatly extends the service life of the laser. Therefore, the laser can be separately installed with an air conditioner to maintain its constant temperature, so the nLIGHT laser is more tolerant to the environment.

3. Nlight laser source - More durable module

According to the tracking data of our customers and the failure rate statistical analysis, Nlight laser source failure rate is much lower than other brands, the module damage rate is almost zero, and it can maintain long-term stable operation. The favor and trust of the new and old customers eliminate the doubts of the using Nlight laser source.

Some brand laser sources the internal laser modules often damaged due to condensation and other issues after used for a period of time, especially when the laser source is out of warranty.

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