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Laser cutting machine comparison between Golden laser and other manufacturers (2)

Date: 2018-12-18

Water chiller


The first-class water chiller supplier, Tongfei chiller, is the supporting manufacturer of IPG laser source and our only choice for water chiller. As the largest brand of domestic chillers applied in laser industry, Tongfei chiller is with reliable quality, fast service and strong professional. And its almost zero failure rate guarantees the stable operation of expensive laser source.

Other manufacturers adopt domestic low-grade chillers, which have poor compatibility with laser source, relatively high failure rates and low internal configuration. And its appearance is not accord with the laser machine, the cost is lower than Tongfei chiller, so it is insufficient to protect the laser source.

Auto focus laser cutting head


Our machine is configured with auto focus laser cutting head.

Auto focus laser cutting head automatically changes focus position during the cutting process without manual intervention.

The auto focus cutting head can realize perforation focus and cutting focus separately set and automatically switched. For material perforation we can choose more suitable laser focus , instead of the same focus as the cutting requirement, so the perforation efficiency can be greatly improved compared with the manual focus cutting head. After testing, the thicker plate perforation time efficiency is increased by up to 80%, and the hole diameter is smaller, and the thick plate small hole cutting process is realized.

Manually adjusted cutting head requires manual adjustment of the cutting focus position. Therefore, in the actual cutting process, it is impossible to automatically control the focus position changing, so the perforation focus and the cutting focus can not be separately set and switched, and the perforation focus is forced to select the cutting focus to complete the perforation. If it is thick carbon steel, it uses the cutting focus to finish perforation, the focus position is in the steel, and the laser energy can not focus on the steel, so there is no advantages for cutting and the perforation efficiency is extremely low.

Welded machine bed


We are using more costly sheet-welded machine structure, the sheet thickness is up to 18mm, the machine is with good rigidity and not easy to deform, the heavier machine bed makes it with higher stability and long service life, so it can ensure long term stability and cutting accuracy.

Other manufacturers use the tube and sheet welded machine structure, the sheet thickness is 8-10mm, so the machine bed rigidity is insufficient. What’s more, tube and sheet welded machine bed is easy to deform. It is difficult to ensure the machine long term stability, cutting precision and service life.

Rack and guide installation


Our machine rack and guide installation adopts overall welding foundation, the iron casting foundation of rack installation and guide installation are integrated. After roughing and finishing, the parallelism of the rack and the guide is easier to ensure, after long term using it will not change. At the same time, we are using the industry standard - block fixed guide to ensure the long-term using without guide position changing and machine cutting precision for a long time.

On the contrary, other manufacturers’ machine rack and guide installation foundation are not integrated. They are welded to the machine bed separately, the iron casting is thin sheet, so the temporary parallelism can be ensured, but long term using can not be guaranteed. To saving costs, some manufacturers do not install block for fixing, regardless of the machine long term stability.

Gas integration

Our machine is equipped with gas integration device.

Gas plays a pivotal role in laser cutting. If there is no auxiliary gas, only laser light can not achieve cut.

The gas integration device supports the imputing of three gases air, oxygen and nitrogen, the multi-node control maintains the gas reliable input and gas pressure stable controllable.

After the imputing of oxygen, it must be passed through the pressure reducing valve for decompression control, to ensure the oxygen pressure is within 1.0MPa, the precision controlling and protection of oxygen pressure control device and electric proportional valve.

After the imputing of air, it can simultaneously support the gas imputing requirements of other gas paths, laser source and cutting process. At the same time, the other external air pressure and laser protection gas pressure can be adjusted through the pressure regulating valve configured in the gas integration device, one input and three controllable outputs.

Nitrogen and air cutting requirements can be easily converted through  nitrogen and air input switching valve, without the need to replace pipes, cylinders and other cumbersome ways.

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