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Laser cutting machine comparison between Golden laser and other manufacturers (3)

Date: 2018-12-26

Sheet and tube cutting with 3m rotary device


GF-1530T sheet and tube cutting machine with 3m rotary device, the sheet cutting size is 1500*3000mm, pipe length 3m, pipe diameter 20-180mm.

The chuck adopts manual adjustment claw, the supporting adopts mechanical adjustment structure, this model is the most simplified and most cost-effective type for round and square tube cutting.

The supporting mechanical parts are subjected to high-frequency quenching and hardening treatment with high wear resistance and high strength.

Sheet and tube cutting with 6m rotary device


GF-1530T sheet and tube cutting machine with 6m rotary device , the sheet cutting size is 1500*3000mm, pipe length 3m, pipe diameter 20-180mm.

The feeding chuck adopts a manual adjustment claw, the supporting chuck adopts electric chuck, in the middle of the rotary device its equipped with 2 pneumatic topping structure with variable diameter supporting.

The electric chuck can self-centering of any type tubes, the tube clamping and center position can be completed by the remote control handle by one button without manual adjustment, saving the material feeding time.

The variable diameter type pneumatic support of the rotary device can achieve dynamically support of 6m long tube in cutting process, maintain the clamping stability and cutting precision in cutting especially for small and long tube cutting.

Hardware inspection

Relying on professional inspection equipment to carry out all-round quality inspection and control of equipment production process and final product to ensure quality.


Machine inspection report

Each equipment has a complete equipment inspection report before leaving the factory.


The machine tool inspection, the fitter process inspection, the electrical process inspection, the commissioning process inspection, the process inspection, the cutting effect inspection, the factory inspection, etc. all have detailed professional inspection standards and clear inspection records, which are stored as files after leaving the factory.

The existing perfect quality management system is an important guarantee for quality control.

If the inspection is not perfect, the machine will not leave the factory

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